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Icons Nikolay the Miracleworker

The value of the icon of St. Nicholas 

     The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most recognizable and revered in Christianity, both among Orthodox and Catholics. The story of this Saint is full of miraculous salvations and healings. For many miracles performed by him, he was christened the Miracle Worker. He was a deeply religious person, he tried all his life to testify of Christ. And the best evidence is good deeds. He preached Christ both in word and deed, and therefore became an example of how to serve God. Through an icon with his image, we turn to God with prayers for help.

The Story of Nicholas

      The very first miracle that we know is the salvation of three stratilates - military leaders who were slandered and thrown into prison, but saved with the intercession of Nicholas. The second famous miracle was the rescue of three girls from fornication. The miracle worker brought the necessary amount to pay the debts of the father, who wanted to give his daughters into slavery. He left money on the windowsill at night and went unnoticed. This is the memory of the fact that he gave alms at night, with which traditions are connected on St. Nicholas Day.
     It didn’t matter to St. Nicholas who the man was, who asked him for protection, he helped everyone, for which he was considered an intercessor of the human race. Nicholas the Wonderworker was given to people, pleasing to God, for which he is called a holy saint. He got another name “novice novice” because he soon answers the prayer and comes to the aid of those who ask soon. Therefore, the icon of St. Nicholas is a talisman for everyone who experiences difficult days or asks for protection. It is given to parents of newborns, taken on travel, given to the sick and in need of help.

What the icon of St. Nicholas is praying for

     There are many prayers that are addressed to God through the Icon of St. Nicholas. You can simply say: Saint Father Nikolai, pray to God for us. They pray to him from anxiety for the future, for success in business, well-being in the family. It helps to protect against illnesses, with bodily and mental illnesses, through it they turn to God for help in distress, to give strength to cope with difficulties, saved from mortal danger, helped establish justice and protect the innocent.

The image of St. Nicholas

     Nicholas the Wonderworker has a wide iconography, his image is diverse in iconography, and the image is revered by all Christians. The saint is most often depicted with a raised hand in a gesture of blessing and with the gospel in the other hand than he calls for faith. Also in the garment on the icon there is an amphora - a ribbon with an ornament over his shoulder - a symbol of the priest's indispensable care for his parishioners. On the neck is a panagia (an icon on a chain). On both sides of the face are also depicted Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. The Savior symbolizes that God himself directs to good deeds.
     In our store you can buy the icon of St. Nicholas, which will be a gift to loved ones, especially in need of protection and help at the moment. She will also decorate your home and will become your assistant in prayer for the health of loved ones, for success at work and protection from dangers.

In our store you can purchase:

• Painted icons of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in silver with gilding, inlaid with amethysts
• Gold-plated combined with wood carvings
Painted icon with enamel in an Italian setting
• The icon painted in oil paints with gold leaf
• Wooden icons of St. Nicholas: fully eco-friendly: carved from oak wood and coated with wax
• Antique icon with gilding with the image of St. Nicholas. The manufacturing technique imitates ancient icons. The front surface is varnished and gilded, and the frame is made of natural wood.
• A unique painted icon on a stone with the face of the Saint.
     Icons are made in different sizes and from different materials, which makes the price category of our store very wide. You can definitely choose the one that suits you. And if not, then our craftsmen will make the icon of St. Nicholas manually according to your preferences.
Carved wooden Icon of Saint Nicholas 32x40 cm - фото
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Carved wooden Icon of Saint Nicholas 20x24 sm - фото
Article: ПД010792
Price: 69
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