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Tabernacle - a vessel that is used for storing spare Blessed Sacrament, specially designed for the communion in special cases outside the temple. It is also called the "Ark". This vessel is compared to the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant, what contained the greatest shrine. Tabernacle is placed on the holy throne and depicts a metal chapel in miniature. The tabernacle is covered with a glass case to close the Gifts from folling dust .
The gold-plated tabernacle - фото
Article: ПД003874
Price: 549
In stock
The tabernacle gilding(Sofrino)  - фото
Article: ПД003875
Price: 1349
In stock
The tabernacle gilding Sofrino - фото
Article: ПД003873
Price: 849
In stock
Tabernacle No. 1 gilding - фото
Article: 01ПД003880
Price: 1249
In stock
Tabernacle No. 5 gold plating - фото
Article: 01ПД003879
Price: 1049
In stock
Tabernacle No. 3 gilding - фото
Article: 01ПД003878
Price: 899
In stock
The cap for the tabernacle gold plating (standard) - фото
Article: 01ПД003876
Price: 189
In stock
Tabernacle No. 9 gilding enamel - фото
Article: 01ПД003881
Price: 1449
In stock
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