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Baptismal Bowls

Baptismal Bowls are known since ancient times. It is an essential matter for the Sacrament of Baptism. Typically, this is a large vessel resembles a bowl. Here you can find the appropriate Baptismal Bowls in type and size.

Baptismal Bowl, aluminum, 75 l - фото
Article: 01ПД010436
Price: 749
In stock
Small font 25 l, stainless steel - фото
Article: 02ПД003989
Price: 189
In stock
Large font 80 liters aluminum - фото
Article: 02ПД003988
Price: 499
In stock
Big hot tub, 60L, 124611 - фото
Article: 03ПД013352
Price: 449
In stock
Tabletop hot tub 15 l aluminum leg 48x42 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012169
Price: 89
In stock
Big aluminum hot tub 70 l 120 cm diameter 80 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012091
Price: 799
In stock
Large aluminum hot tub 80 l 120 cm diameter 80 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012090
Price: 649
In stock
Big aluminum brass hot baptismal Bowl №3, diameter 66 cm, 70 l - фото
Article: 02ПД011737
Price: 399
In stock
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Big aluminum brass hot baptismal Bowl №3 - фото
Article: 02ПД011736
Price: 399
In stock
Baptismal Bowl, stainless steel, 25 l - фото
Article: 03ПД010109
Price: 199
In stock
Baptismal Bowl 15 l, (leg BRASS), height 46 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД011533
Price: 89
In stock
Baptismal Bowl 15 l, (leg ALUMINUM), height - 48 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД011532
Price: 89
In stock
Small font 15 l  stainless steel  - фото
Article: 03ПД003991
Price: 179
In stock
Font - bulk metal vessel in a large bowl, which is used for the baptism of children, both in the church and on the road. Typically, the font made of metal, which are little susceptible to corrosion - stainless steel or aluminum. The volume can also be different: there is a large font that is used for baptism in the church, and a smaller font - to be baptized at home or in the hospital.
The vessels used for the baptism in the Orthodox Church has long been, in fact, special baptistery baptistery were equipped not all temples. Normally baptism is performed in a nearby river or pond, but year-round use of natural water is only possible in countries with warm climates. In our latitudes in winter time in the churches for the baptism of children is usually used large wooden or ceramic bowls. In such vessels could pour heated water and perform baptisms, even in cold weather. With the development of industry to replace wooden font come from stainless steel products, brass or aluminum. In our time, the font is also covered by a nickel-plated, which increases their lifespan.
Buy baptismal font Online you can in our online store "Axios". In our catalog there are products of various sizes and dimensions, made of lightweight durable materials little corroded. We guarantee the quality of our products and the lowest prices. Welcome!
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