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Virgin Mary Icons

Icon written on stone Mother of God 27х17 cm - фото
Article: ПД006913
Price: 219
To be sent in 24 hours
Icon of Kazan antique 21x29 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
21х29 cm
Article: ПД001063
Price: 29
To be sent in 24 hours
The Written Icon of the Kazan Mother of God 16х20 cm - фото
in stock
Article: ПД007490
Price: 399
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Writed Wedding couple (without gold), 30х24 cm - фото
Article: ПД009592
Price: 849
To be sent in 24 hours
Triple icon - arch, average, 17x9 cm - фото
Article: ПД007948
Price: 29
In stock
Triple icon, large, 24.5x12.5 cm - фото
Article: ПД007952
Price: 59
In stock
Icon of Vladimir. Rectangular, Silkscreen, Silver, Gold Decor - фото
Article: ПД007786
Price: 29
In stock
Icon of the Mother of God. Skoroposlushnitsa, 32х40 cm (without a kiot) - фото
Article: ПД009086
Price: 549
To be sent in 24 hours
The Virgin of Pecherskaya, 43.5x36 cm - фото
Article: ПД008921
Price: 499
To be sent in 24 hours
A written icon on a tree, gold leaf, the Virgin "Otrada and solace", 30х40 cm - фото
Article: ПД008695
Price: 599
To be sent in 24 hours
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