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Eucharistic sets

The Eucharistic set is a set of sacred items that are needed to perform the Sacrament of the Eucharist (from the Greek “thanksgiving”) or the Communion, when during the liturgy, under the influence of the grace of the Holy Spirit, bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ. This term appeared relatively recently, after the industrial production of church utensils was established and the opportunity appeared to buy the eucharistic set immediately in the kit from the manufacturer.


What is included in the eucharistic set?

The composition of this set includes several church items, the main of which are:

  1. a cup or chalice
  2. a diskos
  3. an asterisk (star)
  4. a spear
  5. a spoon.

Of course, eucharistic utenils can be bought separately, but the advantage of the eucharistic set is that all its items are made in the same style and from the same material, which visually looks much better. In addition, the volume of the bowl and the diameter of the diskos in such sets are made proportionally: the larger the bowl, the larger the diameter of the diskos. Sometimes, in addition to the Eucharistic set, there is a ladle with a long handle for pouring the Holy Gifts from one cup into another, as well as a set of saucers for grinding particles can also go.

What materials are the Eucharistic kits made of?

Previously, for large cathedrals, master jewelers made them only of precious metals - gold and silver, due to their resistance to oxidation. Usual churches and monasteries mainly used simple wooden chalices and discos made from the soft sort of wood. Now, corrosion resistant metal alloys are used for the production of church utensils, and then they are coated with gilding or enamel. A silver Eucharistic set can also be purchased in our time, however, its price will be much higher than usual.

Where can you buy the Eucharistic set in Ukraine?

Greece is one of the main countries producing church utensils for the Orthodox worship. To buy the Greek Eucharistic set, you no longer need to travel: just a couple of clicks on our website, and your order have already been sent for delivery. If you are serving in a chapel temple, then in the Axios online store you can also inexpensively buy a Eucharistic set with a small cup. We offer a different price range for the entire range of goods, as well as fast delivery to anywhere in Ukraine and the world.


 - фото
Article: 07ПД013542
Price: 999
In stock
 - фото
Article: 07ПД013541
Price: 999
In stock
 - фото
Article: 07ПД013540
Price: 1199
In stock
 - фото
Article: 07ПД013539
Price: 1299
In stock
Eucharist set z 0.6 l. G 2657 - фото
Article: 02ПД011770
Price: 349
In stock
Eucharistic set z 0.3 l. G 2658 - фото
Article: 02ПД011769
Price: 199
In stock
Eucharistic set 0.3 l. G 2659 - фото
Article: 02ПД011768
Price: 149
In stock
The Eucharistic Set 0.3 (Greece) - фото
Article: ПД005816
Price: 449
In stock
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Potir - bowl 0.5 with accessories (Greece) - фото
Article: ПД005815
Price: 599
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Eucharistic set - фото
Article: 01ПД003889
Price: 1099
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The Eucharistic set Sofrino (O) is 0.75 liters. - фото
Article: ПД003888
Price: 1349
In stock
Eucharistic set - фото
Article: ПД003890
Price: 799
In stock
Potyr-cup 0,5 with accessories - фото
Article: 01ПД003895
Price: 349
In stock
Eucharistic set, Greece, 0.8 l - фото
Article: 01ПД003894
Price: 399
In stock
Chalice 0.3 with accessories - фото
Article: 01ПД003892
Price: 199
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