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Eucharistic sets

Eucharistic set - a set of the necessary liturgical items, what includes: discos, calix , asterisk, knife for cutting Communion bread, labis. Some sets are equipped with buckets and plates.

The Eucharistic Set 0.3 (Greece) - фото
Article: ПД005816
Price: 399
In stock
Potir - bowl 0.5 with accessories (Greece) - фото
Article: ПД005815
Price: 599
In stock
Eucharistic set - фото
Article: ПД003891
Price: 1449
Availability need to be checked
Chalice bowl 0.3 with accessories - фото
Article: 01ПД003893
Price: 189
In stock
Eucharistic set - фото
Article: 01ПД003889
Price: 799
In stock
The Eucharistic set Sofrino (O) is 0.75 liters. - фото
Article: ПД003888
Price: 899
In stock
Eucharistic set - фото
Article: ПД003890
Price: 699
In stock
Potyr-cup 0,5 with accessories - фото
Article: 01ПД003895
Price: 299
In stock
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Eucharistic set, Greece, 0.8 l - фото
Article: 01ПД003894
Price: 349
In stock
Chalice 0.3 with accessories - фото
Article: 01ПД003892
Price: 169
In stock
Chalice bowl with accessories 0,75 - фото
Article: 01ПД003896
Price: 799
In stock
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