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Chandeliers and Sconces

The first thing that a person sees in the temple is a large lamp with many bulbs or, less often, candles, it is called panicadilo.  This is the main lighting fixture of any temple.

Chandelier history

Lamps in the temple appeared in the first centuries, when temples were often in caves and were made from grapevine.  They were connected in a circular manner, such a structure was hung from the ceiling on strong metal chains.  Of course, in ancient times, candles or icon lamps were the source of light, today mostly electric chandeliers.

Before the invention of electricity, the ministers of the temple put up a ladder, went up to the chandelier and lit all the candles on it.  This position is spelled out in the church charter and is called a kandilovzhigatel.  In the temples of Greece, for example, on Mount Athos, this ancient tradition continues today.

Practical use

The chandelier is turned on at especially solemn moments of the divine service, mainly when the Royal Doors are open, and illuminates the entirety of the temple.  It is possible to include not all chandeliers, but only a few tiers.  Basically, the size of the chandelier depends on the size of the temple.  In large temples, there are usually several chandeliers (central, and in the aisles), as well as sconces on the walls.


In addition to its practical application, its light symbolizes the Divine radiance, open to the people of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Holy Fathers in their writings wrote a lot about light, and references to lamps are often found in the patristic heritage.  Saint Dionysius the Areopagite calls material lamps "the image of immaterial illumination."  Initially, the chandelier included 12 lamps (according to the number of apostles), but later lamps with different numbers of candles began to be used.  In Greece, the chandelier is also swayed, as it still symbolizes the Universe, which is in constant motion, and the light from candles or lamps is the stars.  The "Priest's Handbook" interprets the chandelier as a symbol of "a meeting, a constellation of people consecrated by the grace of the Holy Spirit, enlightened by the fire of faith, burning with the fire of love for God ...".  The number of tiers and lamps on the chandelier also has its own symbolism, for example, 4 tiers - 4 Gospels, 33 lamps according to the number of earthly years of Christ, etc.

What does it consist of?

Usually a chandelier is made in the form of a suspended chandelier and one or more tiers on which icon lamps are installed or, more often, electric lamps in the form of a candle or flame.  It is attached to the dome in the center of the church on a chain.  The Cross usually rises on top of the chandelier, and there may be small icons on the tiers.  Also, the chandelier can be in the form of a single-tiered hoop - horos.  This is a hoop that bears the lamps.  He can frame the chandelier, or replace it with himself.  They are found more often in Greek monasteries.  But they can also be bought in our store.

Where could I buy?

You can buy inexpensive chandeliers, sconces and choros for the temple in our Axios online store.  Here you can quickly buy chandelier for the temple online.  Our range of chandeliers is wider than in other church stores.  Chandeliers differ in the number of tiers, in our store you can order from 1 tier and above.  You can choose such a church chandelier for the temple, so that the light is scattered evenly and reaches the most distant corners of the temple.


Panikadilo 2 yards, 18 st №4, brass, varnish - фото
Article: ПД006875
Price: 1849
Panikadilo 3 yards, 31 st №4, brass, varnish - фото
Article: ПД005788
Price: 3199
Lamp BRA, 3 arms 0198 - фото
Article: 02ПД011904
Price: 49
In stock
Lamp BRA, 2 arms 0197 - фото
Article: 02ПД011903
Price: 39
In stock
Luminaire BRA medium, cast, 2 arms 0805 - фото
Article: 02ПД011902
Price: 59
In stock
Luminaire BRA medium, cast, 3 arms 0808 - фото
Article: 02ПД011901
Price: 69
In stock
Luminaire BRA small, cast, 3 arms 0809 - фото
Article: 02ПД011900
Price: 49
In stock
BRA lamp small, cast, 2 arms 0806 - фото
Article: 02ПД011899
Price: 39
In stock
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Luminaire sconces large, cast, 3 arms 0807 - фото
Article: 02ПД011898
Price: 89
In stock
Luminaire sconces large, cast, 2 arms 0804 - фото
Article: 02ПД011897
Price: 69
In stock
Ceiling for chandelier 0990 - фото
Article: 02ПД011895
Price: 29
In stock
Chandelier 4 tiers 63 candles with lamps 0151 - фото
Article: 02ПД011843
Price: 2799
In stock
Chandelier 3 tiers 36 candles with lamps 0150 - фото
Article: 02ПД011842
Price: 1649
In stock
Chandelier 1 tier 8 candles. 1563 - фото
Article: 02ПД011841
Price: 199
In stock
Sconce - Illumination of the icon - фото
Article: 06ПД009152
Price: 499
In stock
Sconce, 7 candles, С 11-7 - фото
Article: 06ПД009151
Price: 499
In stock
Sconce, 3 candles, С 10-3 - фото
Article: 06ПД009150
Price: 149
In stock
Sconce, С 10-2 - фото
Article: 06ПД009149
Price: 129
In stock
Sconce, С 08-3 - фото
Article: 06ПД009148
Price: 149
In stock
Sconce, 3 candles, С 06-3 - фото
Article: 06ПД009147
Price: 109
In stock
Sconce, 4 candles, С 05-4 - фото
Article: 06ПД009146
Price: 119
In stock
Sconce, С 03-5 - фото
Article: 06ПД009145
Price: 169
In stock
Sconce, 3 candles, C 01-3 - фото
Article: 06ПД009144
Price: 109
In stock
Sconce, 2 candles, С 01-2 - фото
Article: 06ПД009143
Price: 89
In stock
Sconce, 1 candle, C 01-1 - фото
Article: 06ПД009142
Price: 69
In stock
Chandelier, one tires, 6 candles С 02-6-1 - фото
Article: 06ПД009141
Price: 449
In stock
Chandelier, 4-tiered, 66 candles С 01-66-4 - фото
Article: 06ПД009140
Price: 4499
In stock
Chandelier, 3 tiered, 42 candles С 01-42-3 - фото
Article: 06ПД009139
Price: 2999
In stock
Chandelier, 3 tiers, 57 candles, С  03-57-3 - фото
Article: 06ПД009138
Price: 6499
In stock
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