Kivot - is a Greek word meaning an ark, a glazed box or a frame for storing an icon or some other shrine. This word is used to designate in the Greek text only the Ark of the Covenant - the highest shrine in ancient Israel. From there, without translation, it fell into the Slavic Bible to emphasize the difference between the ark for the shrine and the usual box for storing items.


The main types of icon cases


All icon cases can be divided into several main categories, depending on the method of attachment or placement, namely:

1. Floor

2. Portable

3. Hanged


Icon cases did not appear immediately, but with the passage of time, when from the middle of the 9th century the icon veneration was established and theologically framed. Then in the temples people began to make floor cases for large temple icons and local shrines, which had not only a frame, but also a decoratively designed stand. The floor case is usually very massive and is decorated with ornaments, carved columns or gilding. Sometimes it resembles an arbor where worshipers enter to worship the icon or holy relics. The icon case can also be portable with long carrying handles. Such icon cases are used in religious processions. The most common are hinged icon cases that are hung on the walls, both in Orthodox churches and in home prayer corners.


Icon cases and glass


Of course, visually, the icon case has a great decorative value, but there is also the practical side of their using. With the proliferation and cheapening of glass production, icon cases began to glaze, and now it is difficult to find an unglazed icon case. The icon in the icon case is better protected from environmental influences. It protects the icon from dust and pollution, and it also maintains the necessary humidity and microclimate.


Where can you buy an icon case in Ukraine?


Until recently, it was possible to buy icon cases only in large cities or monasteries, where there are carpentry workshops for their production. But now everything is much simpler - in the Axios online store you can buy a case for an icon of any size, as well as select the type of thread and design. Our consultants will contact you and specify the details of the order and the delivery method. It is also possible to order an individual icon case for your home icons. Axios online store - we work for our customers.


Kyoto for three icons, alder, carving, dark varnish - фото
Article: ПД008669
Price: 1799
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Kyoto for the temple icon, metal number 2 - фото
Article: ПД008554
Price: 12049
Kyoto for the temple icon, metal number 1 - фото
Article: ПД008553
Price: 16949
Outdoor Kyoto, Baroque (92) - фото
Article: ПД008332
Price: 649
In stock
Outdoor Kyoto, Baroque (90) - фото
Article: ПД008331
Price: 2899
In stock
Outdoor Kyoto, Baroque (39) - фото
Article: ПД008330
Price: 5699
In stock
Outdoor Kyoto, Baroque (36) - фото
Article: ПД008329
Price: 1749
In stock
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Kiot floor with Icon on three columns - фото
Article: 01ПД004727
Price: 799
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Kyoto - white - фото
Article: 01ПД004726
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Kyoto - white - фото
Article: 01ПД004725
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