Today, in every Orthodox church there is a large floor Cross of large dimensions with the Lord crucified on it.  It is customary to call such a Cross - Golgotha, as was the name of the mountain in Jerusalem, on which Christ the Savior performed the atoning Sacrifice.  The image of such Crosses has been known since the first centuries of Christianity, and has spread everywhere in all Orthodox churches in the world.

What is included in the composition of Calvary?

  1. Cross
  2. on either side of him - those who witnessed the execution of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian
  3. 3.a pyramidal pedestal, usually black under the cross, depicting the bones of the first person
  4. 4.may be a symbolic image of Jerusalem behind the Cross
  5. 5.Can also be execution tools: spear, vinegar sponge, ladder, tongs, etc.

Basically, it is a life-size eight-pointed cross, standing on a small hill of stones with the image of the bones and skull of Adam, this is due to the fact that the first person was buried there.  On the right hand of the Crucified is depicted the image of the Mother of God in full growth, directing her gaze to Christ, on his left hand - the image of John the Theologian, whom Christ entrusted to take care of the Virgin Mary.  On the top bar of the Cross there is usually the inscription "INCI" that is "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."  There is an image of a spear that pierced the rib of Jesus, as well as a cane with a sponge, which, as you know, was soaked in vinegar.


Calvary can be both full-length and reduced in size, can also be both carved and painted, made mainly of wood in order to have a semblance of a genuine Cross.  In our store, you can also order separately Crosses without forthcoming.

Practical use

For the Church, Golgotha ​​is the main icon of Christ, and therefore, during the days of Great Lent, Golgotha ​​is placed in the center of the church in order to remind believers of the price of our salvation and to induce a feeling of repentance.  So, the reading of the Great Canon of Penitence of St. Andrew of Crete is performed before the Crucifixion.

The events of Good Friday could not but be reflected in Christian culture, and of course it became the subject of church utensils.  And this is not just a place of veneration of icons or part of the style of the temple, but also a work of art, a symbol of the depth and truth of faith.  Usually, icon painters decorate the calvary with elements of an iconographic pattern and look truly majestic.

Where to buy?

You can buy a Calvary for a temple in our store, there are several types of different sizes made of wood and metal in the assortment.  You can order in the Axios online store by choosing from the catalog.  Buying in our store, you get a guarantee for fast delivery to anywhere in Ukraine and the world.  We have a large selection of goods that are sold without intermediaries, so we can offer good prices to all buyers.  And due to the complexity of technological production, not many stores can show a high rate of quality goods like us, therefore, buying in our store, you get a guarantee of buying Golgotha ​​from the best masters.








Calvary 42х25х10 cm - фото
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Calvary 254х150х37  cm - фото
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Calvary 252х150х37 cm - фото
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Calvary 190 х 150 х 90 cm - фото
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Calvary written for the temple crucifixion (wood) - фото
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Calvary Cross  - фото
Article: 02ПД002436
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Calvary for the temple crucifixion 72х52 cm (wood) - фото
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Calvary cast, on table, gilding - фото
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Сross Сalvary - фото
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Calvary for the temple crucifix 46x54cm (wood) - фото
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Calvary for the temple crucifix 220x130cm (wood) - фото
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Calvary 1,3х0,4х2,4 m (№3) - фото
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Calvary 1,3х0,4х2,4 m (№2) - фото
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Calvary 1,3х0,4х2,4 m (№1) - фото
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