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The cover is a cruciform cloth shawl that covers the sacred vessels during the celebration of the Orthodox liturgy. Church covers as a subject of utensils appeared long ago, from the very first centuries of Christianity. Their initial purpose was purely utilitarian - to protect the Holy Gifts from dust, leaves or insects.


Such their purpose is especially relevant for the hot countries of the Mediterranean region, as well as for Ukraine in the summer. The covers on a chalice or on a discos does not allow anything outside to enter the sacred vessel, which can damage the service.


The usual set of covers includes two cruciform covers and a large covering called “air”. This rectangular piece of cloth is 80 x 60 centimeters in size, which covers the chalice and discos on top of the already placed covers. The purpose of such covering is more symbolic: according to various interpreters of the liturgy, it means a tombstone or shroud, in which the Savior was entwined. Covers and “air” are usually made of brocade or velvet, decorated with fringe and embroideries.


Embroidered covers in Ukraine appear immediately with the adoption of Christianity. Unique examples of such products of the XV - XVII centuries, decorated with images of cherubs, icons and precious stones, have survived to our time. Such covers were used by priests constantly, regardless of the church calendar. Modern sets of covers are also made with embroidered crosses and ornaments, but without stones inlaid. Also now, the covers should match the color of the vestments, as prescribed in the church charter. So on Easter, red covers are taken to red vestments, and on Christmas – the white covers to white vestments.


In the Axios online store, you can easily buy church covers of any color and design style. In addition, you can also choose the type of fabric and the style of the patterns. It is possible to purchase from us both a set of covers and to buy a cover separately. Our managers will be happy to advise you and help you make a choice. Welcome!


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