Internet-shop "Axios" offers a large selection of handmade jewelry of silver and silver-gilt. We work with ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

Modern church masters of our products  are unique, they creatively conceptualize and continue the tradition of byzantine and ancient russian jewelry art. These are people who attach great importance to their vocation and approach to their work with prayer and reverence. Sketches to the products are made on the basis of the ancient monastery and museum specimens and archaeological sites. After sketching jeweler produces the form,  where the silver will be turned into the work of art. All the products meet Orthodox canons, and have all hallmarks necessary for this kind of products.

Here you can find:

Crosses (silver, silver-gilt and enamel). After the Baptism the priest puts it on the neck of the new member of the Church. From that moment cross worn next to the skin accompanies man during all his life.

Saints -  also with the cross christians wear small icons, however, important to note, that not instead of it. It is the old bysantine tradition.

Chains and necklaces, what are comfortable for suspended products  and look good with it.

Ring for safety - rings with prayers written on them. They were loved by the Christians even in ancient times. That’s because its always remind us the importance of prayer, protection from harm.

Beads - an original gift, you can collect it or wear as an ornament on the neck or on your arm.

Bracelets - in this section you will find all the decorations for the hand made by our masters.

Our products are not consecrated, because we feel that its not right to  practice impersonal consecration wholesale shipments. Cross worn next to the skin or icon are very personal holiness. They should be consecrated in the temple with the memory and the thought of a particular person who will wear it,  with what Gods blessing comes to his life.

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