Kryzhma Dar (77023) in white or milky color - фото
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Inner Rason, with embroidery «Grapes» - фото
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Greek Silk Cassock - фото
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Greek Silk Undercassock - фото
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Procurement, form number 13, "House of Happiness" (16.13) - фото
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Suspension «Moshchevik», silver 925, with blackening, О 131170 - фото
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Envelope to extract Sonia (autumn-winter) - фото
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Orthodox Traditions

Many Orthodox Christians wear around their necks not only a pectoral cross, but also small pectoral icons of the Mother of God or of some saints. These miniature images, made of silver or gold, are placed next to a cross, or on a separate chain. When did this type of icons appear? What is the point of wearing them? Are there any church rules for wearing those icons? Why can we assume that «Pandora» was worn during the times of Kievan Rus? Answers to these questions, as well as everything that you need to know about pectoral icons, we have collected in our article.



With the beginning of the Nativity Fast of Advent, Orthodox Christians are trying to prepare themselves in abstinence and prayer for the great feast of the Nativity of Christ. Fasting is a particularly grace-filled time for repenting of our sins and changing our lifestyle. Participation in the Church Sacrament of Repentance or Confession during this period is of particular importance for the believer. Those of us who have just begun to lead our lives in the Church are often concerned about issues related to this sacrament. Why do I need confession? How to confess to a priest? Read the answers to these and many other questions about confession in our material.



The feast of the Bright Resurrection of Christ or Easter is one of the most joyful moments for every Orthodox family. In anticipation of Easter, we try to prepare our soul and body, refraining from all evil during the Great Lent and Holy Week. However, more mundane things also occupy an important place in the preparation for Easter, for example, collecting an Easter basket, which the whole family will take to the night service later. How to collect the Easter basket properly? What foods can be consecrated in church? What is the meaning of food sanctification? You will find answers to these questions in our article.


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