Vestment Bag 100x50 cm - фото
Article: 01ПД005522
Price: 39
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The icon "Holy monk angelina" - фото
Article: ПД001719
Price: 29
Icon antique Semistrelnaya 17h23 see the Blessed Virgin Mary - фото
17х23 cm
Article: ПД001110
Price: 19
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Priest Vestments, Embroidered on Gold Brocade, Greek Cut - фото
Article: 01ПД003614
Price: 169
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New Arrivals
Icon painted on stone, Jesus with the Angels, 33x19 cm - фото
Article: ПД010355
Price: 179
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Written Icon of Kazan Mother of God 16х20 cm - фото
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Article: ПД007495
Price: 349
Icon of the Holy Mother of God is truly meet 32x40 cm Greece - фото
32x40 cm
Article: ПД005144
Price: 699
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Orthodox Traditions

The Lord's love for us is so great that He not only gave us being.  But he also gave us the opportunity to unite us in the closest way with Himself.  For this, Jesus Christ during his earthly life at the Last Supper established the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  When the Savior gathered the disciples and put bread and wine in His Body and Blood, and commanded all who believe in Him to do also in His remembrance.  The New Testament Church strictly observes this command, and the Divine Liturgy is celebrated in each church at the service, at which the faithful partake of St.  Gifts.  But are we really worthy and able to accept such a sacred thing, how to properly prepare ourselves for the Sacrament of Divine Love?


For every Christian, an icon is not only a shrine, through which a person turns with prayer to God, but often holy images are the main family relic.  The old icon is not only a valuable historical artifact, but also a kind of symbol of prayer continuity between generations of Orthodox Christians.  They are inherited and may not have any cultural value, but for the owners they are a real treasure.  Some of these exhibits survived the persecution of the Church and other calamities, and today we see that the destructive effect of time has not the most beneficial effect on them.  And with sadness we see that our favorite icons can fade greatly over the years, or insects destroy the board, and the image can hardly be seen.  Will only a major restoration help, or are there ways to prevent the destruction of holy images?


Despite the fact that our people adopted the Orthodox faith more than a thousand years ago, paganism and its prejudices are firmly held in the minds of people.  And, unfortunately, all sorts of superstitions appear among believers, one of them says: "pregnant women should not go to church."  But it is better to clarify, is there a need for women in the position of attending divine services?  Let's try to figure it out, does the Orthodox Church really leave expectant mothers without spiritual care?

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