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Orthodox Traditions

In the Orthodox Church, the cross of Christ is one of the most used objects and symbols, which is present both in the private life of every Christian and in the decoration of churches, clothes of clergy, etc. The sign of the cross, as an instrument of salvation for all mankind, with which we cross ourselves during worship, is also an integral part of the Orthodox cult. In the Church, there are different types of crosses, according to their purpose. We will tell you about these types of crosses and their features in our material.



Baptism is the first sacrament for a newborn baby, which opens the door for him to other sacraments of the Church, above all, to Communion. While the child is preparing to enter the Church through the water, his parents and godparents are experiencing how to prepare and organize everything properly. As practice shows, a lot of questions arise regarding the body cross for the baby, for example: which cross to buy, do you need a chain and others. In our material we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about the crosses for the baptism of babies. We hope this will help many parents and godparents to save their time and nerves.



Icons that have become one of the symbols of Christianity, especially Orthodoxy, have not appeared in the Church at once. The Christian iconography itself developed over time, absorbing the cultural sentiments of society and new techniques of drawing. So why did icons emerge in the Christianity? Why is it important for Orthodox Christians to have their presence in the temples? We will find answers to these and many other questions in our material.


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