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Analogion - its a high table with a sloping top, where an icon, or a book to read  is placed. There are fixed and folding analogions . The analogion is an inherent part of any temple or home prayer corner. 

There are many variations of analogions. Its can be varied in size and appearance, wooden or made of metal, analogions are decorated with enamel, stones, and can perfectly complement the interior of the church, chapels, or rooms. If you will buy an analogion for the house, you will focus your attention on the reading of Holy Scripture, or prayer in the room.  

Wooden  lectern - фото
Article: 03ПД011961
Price: 69
Analoy side, chasing (damask) 50x50x105 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД008351
Price: 229
Anal side chasing (oracal) combined, 50x50x105 cm, non-separable - фото
Article: 03ПД011945
Price: 349
In stock
Church Lectern central coinage 85x55x105 cm, non-separable - фото
Article: 03ПД011490
Price: 349
In stock
Anala central, chasing (oracle) 85x55x105 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД008363
Price: 349
Central Lectern, 85x55x105 cm, chasing, on velvet - фото
Article: 03ПД008364
Price: 299
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Anala central, chasing (3 crosses) 85x55x105 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД008361
Price: 349
In stock
ANALOY side (with cast legs) THREAD - фото
Article: 03ПД012958
Price: 399
ANALOY SIDE EMISSION (on cast legs) - фото
Article: 03ПД011962
Price: 349
Folding lectern with fabric 50X46 - фото
Article: 01ПД013465
Price: 79
In stock
Wooden lectern (white) 127x104 Cover 40x45 - фото
Article: 01ПД013457
Price: 139
In stock
Wooden lectern height 116-97cm cover 27x37cm - фото
Article: 01ПД013455
Price: 139
In stock
Analog choir embossing not collapsible 62х62х185 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД012150
Price: 399
Anal with an icon case (casting) non-separable - фото
Article: 03ПД011998
Price: 899
ANALOY KLIROSNY - No. 2 - 52 * 52 * 170 cm cast - фото
Article: 03ПД011997
Price: 899
Central anal (casting) folding №14 60х80х112 cm - фото
Article: 03ПД011969
Price: 799
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