Wholesale offers

Wholesale offers
Friends, of course, we have wholesale offers for you!
Special offers are available for parishes and church shops!
Orders can be summed up within one month.
2. Discounts on all categories, except church utensils and vestments:
- The amount of the order is more than 5 000 UAH. - 3% discount
- The amount of the order is more than 10 000 UAH. - discount -5%
- The amount of the order is more than 20 000 UAH. - discount -10%
- the order amount is more than 50 000 UAH. - discount -15%
- The amount of the order is more than 100 000 UAH. - discount -20%
3. Discounts on categories of church utensils and vestments:
Discounts for church utensils and vestments are discussed separately in each order.
4. Discount -5% for the entire range of online stores for Sunday schools.
5. For large families, single mothers and invalids of the 1st and 2nd groups, a discount of -3% for all orders, including the first and all subsequent ones.
In most cases, we work at the manufacturer's price.

Filling Church Departments
Dear clergymen!
For your church shops, we will be pleased to  suggest individually the range of goods according  to your requirements and the preferences of the parishioners.
As an option, it can be laminated icons, icons depicting your temple, wedding icons, baptismal blankets, , crosses, orthodox literature, as well as food (honey, herbal teas, dried fruits).
For individual order, please tell us your requirements, price category for goods and other wishes.
We will form a proposal and deliver everything "to the door."
Sincerely yours,
The AxiosWorld Team
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