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We turn to icons when we pray. And more often than not, we ask for the health of our loved ones and well-being for the family, so we want the house to have an icon - the guardian of the family hearth.
Which icons belong to the family?
Family icons mean 2 types:
1. A special, revered by the family image of saints, which is transmitted from generation to generation. This can be an image of Christ or Our Lady, Nicholas the Miracle Worker or the patron saints of the family, which are especially honored in Orthodox Christianity, such as:
Peter and Fevronia are saint-spouses who have shown the spiritual values ​​of the family and its foundations. They pray for successful marriage and fidelity.
Andrian and Natalia are the patrons of Christian marriage. Praying for good family relationships and a godly marriage.
Saints Joachim and Anna are the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a reflection of the sacrament of marriage and a miracle.
The Prophet Zechariah and Elizabeth - who supported each other in all obstacles and with God's mercy conceived a child, is an example of conjugal mutual assistance. They pray for the birth of a child and for a strong family.
Icons for family happiness also depict Cyril and Mary of Radonezh, Xenophon and Mary, the holy martyr Paraskeva.
Icons of these patron saints of marriage and family can be purchased on our website.
2. The second type is icons depicting saints whose names were given to family members at baptism. They are also called generic. Here several saints can be depicted - patrons, whose names are spouses, children, grandparents. Patrons of already deceased relatives may also be depicted. At the top is usually the image of the Savior or the Mother of God, Angels or Archangels. Such icons are usually painted to order. You can easily place an order on our website for a painted icon, which will be made according to your preferences at a low price.
Where do I need to hang family icons in the house?
        In the house icons can be hung everywhere. In the room where the family spends the most time or over the entrance, you can hang the seven-shot icon of the Mother of God, especially revered in family affairs. She depicts the Virgin with seven arrows in her heart, as a symbol of mother’s suffering. It protects from hostility, grants pacification and healing from diseases, pacifies hardheartedness, helps reconciliation of spouses and relatives. Icons for family happiness with the saints you venerate can also be hung in the kitchen to prayer before eating. If you want to hang only one icon in the house, then let it be Jesus Christ. You will look at the image of Jesus Christ, and Christ himself will be your teacher in the family and in other areas of life.
Why are family icons needed?
         The family icon is very important and of great spiritual value to the family. Traditionally, family icons were passed from parents to children, uniting all family members and generations of relatives. They blessed children and adults for important matters, for service, for marriage. They always accompanied the family at important events and celebrations. The tradition of veneration of family icons continues in our time. If you do not already have such an image in the house, you should definitely buy or order a painted icon individually for your family. It will become a valuable relic and a companion of life, which can be accessed in difficult days.
Handwritten family icon, 5 saints, 30x40 cm, gold - фото
Article: ПД009818
Price: 699
Handwritten family icon, 5 saints, 30x40 cm, gold - фото
Article: ПД009817
Price: 699
Family icon written on stone, egg tempera, 53x60 cm - фото
Article: ПД008919
Price: 749
Family icon, painted on natural stone, 44x35 cm - фото
Article: ПД008413
Price: 799
Hand-Written folding icon of family - фото
Article: ПД007061
Price: 3899
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 - фото
Article: ПД001021
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 - фото
Article: ПД000987
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