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Crosiers and Staves

Crosiers - an attribute of the episcopal service. It looks like a rod with a handle - an arc handle or in the form of two facing one another snakes. It symbolizes a shepherd's  rod, with it the bishop as the good shepherd, carefully and wisely will rule his church flock.

Staves - an attribute of not liturgical episcopal dignity, that represents the wandering, preaching and apostolate.

Stave - фото
Article: ПД009210
Price: 199
In stock
Crosier № 2 - фото
Article: ПД009209
Price: 219
In stock
Crosier № 1, with gilding - фото
Article: ПД009208
Price: 449
In stock
Crosier № 1 - фото
Article: ПД009207
Price: 219
In stock
Rod bishop brass gilded with inserts - фото
Article: ПД005174
Price: 1649
In stock
Crosier  - фото
Article: ПД004555
Price: 549
In stock
Stave, 136 cm - фото
Article: ПД004554
Price: 299
In stock
Sofrino gilding stave - фото
Article: ПД004553
Price: 649
In stock
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Silver stave - фото
Article: ПД004552
Price: 2049
In stock
Crosier gilded stave - фото
Article: ПД004551
Price: 1199
In stock
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