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Holy Water Basins

 Holy Water Basins are made in the form of bowls for the sacrament of Communion, but its bigger and with a low base. As a rule, it is decorated and embossed engraving images. Often it has a handle and a holder for the installation of three candles.

Holy Water Basin, with lid, 3 l, stainless steel - фото
Article: ПД009838
Price: 59
In stock
Holy Water Basin, silver color - фото
Article: ПД009832
Price: 749
In stock
Combined Holy Water Basin - фото
Article: ПД009831
Price: 1149
In stock
Holy Water Basin, silver colour - фото
Article: ПД009830
Price: 599
In stock
Holy Water Basin, Golden colour - фото
Article: ПД009829
Price: 649
In stock
Holy Water Basin, combined - фото
Article: ПД009828
Price: 649
In stock
Holy Water Basin, Greece, 104-859, 9 l, chasing, silver - фото
Article: ПД009790
Price: 649
In stock
 - фото
Article: ПД003870
Price: 69
In stock
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Holy Water Basins 2,5 litre - фото
Article: ПД003869
Price: 39
In stock
Holy Water Basin (Gold) 7 liters - фото
Article: ПД003868
Price: 149
In stock
Holy Water Basin (Gold) 3 liters - фото
Article: ПД003866
Price: 89
In stock
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