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  • Pendant-cross "Saints Cyril and Methodius. Icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa"
  • Pendant-cross "Saints Cyril and Methodius. Icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa"

Pendant-cross "Saints Cyril and Methodius. Icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa"

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Miniature relief, casting, gilding, blackening. Handmade.
Average weight: 6,0.
Materials: Silver (925). Gilding (999).
Dimensions: 3,2х1,6х0,2.
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The saints depicted on this native cross will help in enlightening the mind to all who aspire to new knowledge.
On the front side, next to the high eight-pointed cross, are the holy apostles and Slavic enlighteners, the brothers Cyril and Methodius, Orthodox preachers, the creators of the Slavic alphabet.
The Holy Brothers not only created the alphabet, they became the founders of spiritual and scientific literature in the Slavonic language. They translated from Greek the main liturgical books, created the first literary works. St. Cyril wrote the first poetic (Proglass) and the first religious-philosophical (Writing about the right faith) books in the Slavonic language. St. Methodius created the oldest monument of Slavic law - the law of the people.
The soul of a non-booked is dead in people - this is the saying from Proglas to the Gospel of Equal Op. Cyril became winged. After all, education, enlightenment can inspire the human soul and save it for the Eternity.
On the right and left of the saints are placed the breast icons of Sts. Nicholas the Savior and St. The novel of the Sweetman.
According to the prayer presentation of St.. Nicholas the Lord helps people in all kinds of difficult, sometimes desperate circumstances. The saint is not accidentally called a quick helper in all matters. He can help in studying and exams.
St.Peter. Roman helps in the implementation of creative daring for all who turn to him for help. The Monk was a clergyman in the Sophia Cathedral of Constantinople and very much wanted to learn how to compose verses, sing in church services, expressively read the Psalter. By prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos, he received the desired gift and became famous in the centuries as one of the greatest hymnographers and poets of the Church.
On the back of the cross in the center is placed the icon of the Mother of God the Skoroposlushnitsa. The very name of this image indicates that the Mother of God is the fastest all that flows to Her, is mercy and the fulfillment of petitions. On the icon of the Mother of God, the Mother is depicted with an outstretched hand pointedly large, symbolizing the generosity of the help given to her.
Saints Sergius of Radonezh and John of Kronstadt are on her left and right. In the lives of these saints there is one similar story: in their childhood it was difficult to study. Both of them, after fervent prayers to the Lord, miraculously obtained great abilities for the sciences and became spiritual enlighteners of the world.
In the lower part of the cross is depicted the Holy. Matrona Moscow. The blindly born village cripple received such great knowledge from the Lord that she often surprised many educated people who addressed her. But as a real ascetic, the blessed one did not teach with words, but with her whole life. Blind bodily, she even now teaches spiritual sight. Unable to walk, it teaches us to follow the difficult path of salvation.
Above, the cross is covered with the wings of the Angel Guardian. His image is placed above the rest of the saints, because he is the first friend and assistant to every person, given to him by God an adviser and intercessor.
A person needs God's help not only in illnesses and difficult circumstances. The Church teaches us to ask the Lord for enlightenment of the mind, deliverance from inattention, absent-mindedness and laziness. And he teaches us not to forget for everything that is given to thank Him in words: Glory to Thee, O Lord.
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