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Icon "All-Seeing Eye"

On iconographic images, images of the Lord, the Most Holy Theotokos, angels, and saints are usually painted.  But in the history of church iconography there is one icon that conveys in colors the property of the Creator's nature.  We know it under the name "All-Seeing Eye", and it is not difficult to guess what divine property we are talking about, namely Omniscience and Omniscience, God.


iconThis icon is not ancient in comparison with others.  The first mentions of the icon date back to the late 18th - early 19th centuries, initially such an image was found on the frescoes of mainly Old Believer churches in the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions.  And over time, such images began to be written on the board.

What is depicted?

The “All-Seeing Eye” icon is filled with different symbols, in general this icon is nothing more than an allegorical depiction of the words of Holy Scripture: “Behold, the eye of the Lord is over those who fear Him and hope in His mercy” (Psalm 32: 18).
In general, this image is a whole theological treatise, each symbol or conveys the dogmatic truths of the Orthodox Church.
The entire icon is written in circles, in which the symbols are placed; in general, the circle itself symbolizes eternity.
The central circle depicts the Savior-Emmanuel, that is, Christ in the image of a blessing youth sitting on the throne.  Four rays of light emanate from this composition, symbolizing the Light of divine revelation, the Gospel, which the Son of God gave us.
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The next circle is divided into four sections, each contains fragments of a human face - 4 eyes, one nose and one mouth - symbolic images of the properties of God.  The icon takes its name from fragment of the iconthese fragments.  Above this part, at the top, there is usually a small image of the Most Holy Theotokos, who asks for mercy from her Son for all those who suffer.
The next ring is colored green or red and symbolizes the universe, stars can be depicted in it, it shows that the Lord is the ruler of all creation.  After, in each of the corners, the symbols of the four evangelists are written: an angel, a lion, a calf and an eagle, you can read about these creatures in the book of the prophet Ezekiel.
And the last circle of the largest diameter, in which all the others are placed, the most significant circle is assigned to the Lord God, in it are placed the heavenly armies, and above them God the Father.
  Thus, we can summarize:
  • Christ God constantly observes all creation, maintains the harmony of the universe.
  • The Most Holy Theotokos is the main intercessor for all people before the Creator, she vigilantly prays for every soul.
  • The Creator is the only Ruler of all that exists, and everything obeys Him.

Where to buy?

In our online store there is one of the largest selection of rare icons, including the "All-Seeing Eye" image.  In the catalog of goods, you can choose the written images of any saint, created according to all Orthodox canons.  Such an icon will become the main shrine of every family and will be passed on from generation to generation.


Today, a similar image is rarely seen where, of course, a fragment of the All-Seeing Eye is often depicted in temples, but it is difficult to find a complete icon.
The image of the "All-Seeing Eye" is a unique image; it serves as an allegorical embodiment of the Christian world order in accordance with Christian ideology.  Praying in front of her, a person comprehends the boundaries of the dogmatic teaching of the Church.  Contemplating it, you will be imbued with awe and delight in front of the face of the Creator, will acquire readiness to obey His will, humility and meekness.
There are no special prayers that can be read in front of such an icon, because they pray to the Lord God in front of it, and any prayer will be pleasing to Him if it comes from a pure heart.
Икона под старину Всевидящее Око 30х40 см - фото
30х40 cm
Icon antique Seeing Eye 21x29 cm - фото
21х29 cm
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Icon antique Seeing Eye 17h23 cm - фото
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Icon antique 13x17 All-Seeing Eye - фото
13x17 cm
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Icon antique 7x9 All-Seeing Eye - фото
7x9 cm
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 - фото
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Icon All-seeing eye in gilding Greek style without casket - фото
Article: ПД007214
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Icon All-seeing eye in gilding Greek style - фото
Article: ПД007213
Price: 29
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Icon All-seeing eye in gilding Greek style 30x40 cm - фото
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