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  • Icon of beads of  St. Nicholas
  • Icon of beads of  St. Nicholas
  • Icon of beads of  St. Nicholas

Icon of beads of St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas - one of the most recognized and revered saints in the world. St. Nicholas was the Archbishop of the Greek city of Myra, which is geographically located in the south of modern-day Turkey. Then, during the life of St. Nicholas, it was the territory of the Roman Empire.

The future archbishop was born in a pious Christian family in Patara, in the same place in Asia Minor, where he was to serve. His uncle, Bishop Nicholas of Patara, it contributed to the spiritual formation of the boy. He taught him to pray and taught spiritual truths, and then began the ministry in the church, where St. Nicholas served as the first reader, and then a priest.

When parents Nicholas died, he gave his wealth to the needy, and he devoted himself entirely to the service. At the beginning of III century St. Nicholas became bishop of the city of the World. During the life of the archbishop he became famous among the people as the defender of the offended, the oppressed, the innocent prisoners. Also, since ancient times, the saint revered as the patron saint of sailors. In the Life of St. describe one of the cases, when he raised sailor, who during the storm received fatal injuries.

St. Nicholas was known not only miracles, but also a huge Christian love, especially to children. Not surprisingly, the legends about it strongly influenced the folklore, including tales of Santa Claus, which can be found in different nations of the world.

The relics of the Holy Archbishop are currently in the Italian cities of Bari and Venice.

Beautiful icon encrusted with beads. The frame image is made of wood. At the heart of the icon contains a solid cast plaster paste, which does not crack and does not break during transport, covered with several layers of bronze paint. Beads firmly adhered to the surface of the image. Each icon is packed in a separate box.

Material: natural wood, plaster, paint, beads.

Size: 18x24 cm

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