• Icon of The Holy Hieromartyr Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria

Icon of The Holy Hieromartyr Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria

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Peter Martyr was born in Alexandria in the family Protopresbyter Theodosius and Sofia. The Lord sent them a son in fervent prayer to Sophia Apostles in their memory day. The baby was given the name in honor of the Apostle Peter. The whole life of St. Peter was given to the Church. Even as a boy he knew in memory all the Scriptures, which are constantly engaged in the study continued. For his ascetic life of St. Peter was glorified by the Lord the gift of miracles during his lifetime. Before his death, Archbishop of Alexandria Theon the Lord appeared and said that his successor in the chair of St. Mark's is St. Peter. The election to the chair of St. Peter of Alexandria Saints happened in three hundred year. Soon, he was forced to leave the Church for the good of his hometown due to persecution under the emperor Diocletian.
In the year 311 by order of Maximin Saint Peter was captured and imprisoned. To the place of the conclusion of Archbishop gathered many pious Christians. However, not wanting to expose the people of any danger and to avoid clashes with the army were sent, St. Peter himself came to the aid of soldiers. A voice from heaven, which is heard at this moment a holy virgin, announced: "Peter - the beginning of the Apostles, Peter - the end of the Alexandrian Martyrs." The blood of the righteous, who died a martyr's death in the year 311, has borne fruit. His torturers later became Christians and also suffered for Christ. Before burial, the body of the martyr bishop dressed in his bishop's clothes and put on a high place. The saint himself during his life never it does not allow for deep humility. only fragments of his works have survived from the theological heritage of Peter of Alexandria. Penitential St. rules at the VI Ecumenical Council received general church canonical dignity. These rules were known in Russia since the appearance we Kormchaia. The veneration of the saint martyr of Alexandria began immediately after his death.

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