•  Icon of St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker

Icon of St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker

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December 19 the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of St. Nicholas. One of the most venerated saints in the whole Christian world. Being a man of Holy life he always avoided worldly glory and unceasingly prayed to God for the flock entrusted to him and all the people. Saint Nicholas often acted as the peacemaker and reconcile warring, defending innocent prisoners and saved many lives from death. During the life of this wonderful husband the Lord has done great things by his prayers many miracles, healing and helping people who asked for protection from the elders. Making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, at the request of desperate travelers St .Nicolas by prayer calmed the raging sea. One day some sailors caught in a violent storm. Desperate to escape on their own, they began to pray to St. Nicholas, because until they heard a rumor that he accidentally takes care in danger and called for his trouble, and held out her arms to him, relying solely on his intercession. Nicholas immediately hurries to the ship and brought before them, saying, "So you called me, and I have come to protect you." Then, encourage them, he is taken in their eyes at the stern, and it seemed to them, guides the path of the ship.
Then the word calms the sea and, as once my Jesus calms the waves, the wind and all that brings with it a storm, and makes swimming for them calm and safe.
He saved them from bodily ills, he incited repentance of sins and a desire to fix their life. During his earthly life, he made so many good things for the glory of God, that they are not listed, but among them there is one which is one of the virtues, and to that served as the basis of their commission that moved the saint to exploit - his faith, awesome, strong, zealous. St. Nicholas died in the middle of the IV century in old age. According to church tradition, after the Saint's death his body did not succumb to decay and began to exude myrrh (until now), which has medicinal properties. In 1087 Saint Nicholas relics were transferred to the Italian city of Bar (Bari), where they are today.

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