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Icon of the Mother of God "Indestructible Wall"

Church iconography amazes with the diversity and grandeur of sacred images.  And the largest number refers to the icons of the Most Holy Theotokos, almost every day in the Orthodox calendar is marked by the memory of one or another miraculous icon.  This is not surprising, there is no Christian who would not feel the heavenly intercession of the Most Holy Lady.  And this intercession for the human race is primarily manifested through miraculous images.  One of these bears the unusual name "Indestructible Wall", this special epithet prescribed to the Mother of God is borrowed from the akathist of the Mother of God ("Rejoice, unbreakable wall of the kingdom" - ikos 12).  This name is usually called the image of the Mother of God Oranta.  The commemoration of this icon is celebrated on May 31 and on All Saints' Week.


There is a legend that one monk from the Spasovo-Eliazar Hermitage had an amazing dream.  He saw an amazing city, to which two roads led, one wide and flat, the other narrow and located on a high wall.  Those who walked along the wide path were caught in a net by a terrible monster and devoured them.  And those who tried to walk along the narrow road could not reach the net, as the wall interfered, and later the monk realized that it was created by the Queen of Heaven.  And the monk reached the heavenly city and saw the Mother of God with outstretched hands, directed to the Lord.  Perhaps the "Unbreakable Wall" icon owes its appearance to this story.
The most famous of this icon is associated with the St. Sophia Cathedral of the XI century in Kiev, on the eastern wall of which there is a mosaic image of the Virgin, which received the name "Indestructible Wall".  On it, the Blessed Virgin is depicted in full growth, with her hands raised.  Perhaps this image received such a name from the fact that in the course of the years, the cathedral was often destroyed and rebuilt several times, but the mosaic has invariably been towering over the altar for 800 years.  There is even a legend that says that as long as the "Unbreakable Wall" guards, the capital city will not perish.
There are also many lists that have become famous for great miracles.

Practical use

Of course, all the icons of the Mother of God are the same in terms of grace-filled help, since all prayers are still addressed to the one Mother of God.  But in our people there is a tradition to identify the image of the "Unbreakable Wall" with a blessing on the road and prays before it when setting off on a journey.  It is believed that the icon is a symbol of protection from evil, which the Mother of God gives to all who come running with fervent prayer.  Therefore, so often this icon is placed at the threshold or at the entrance to the dwelling, but it can be placed in the red corner, there is not much difference.

Where can I buy?

In our online store Axios you can find different versions of the "Unbreakable Wall" image, available:
  • gilded in the Greek style;
  • semi-antique, the manufacturing technique completely imitates old icons;
  • copies of old Ukrainian icons;
  • foldable;
  • silver and gold crosses with the image of this icon.
Each buyer will be able to find his own version of the icon, for a gift or personal use.  The design of each product is so attractive that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.  We guarantee a high level of service, an individual approach to each client.  Our products boast high wear resistance and superior quality.  It is also possible to make any canonical icon according to your order.
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