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Icon of Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow

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Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow was born at Moscow. At 13 years of age Eleutherius went to a field and set nets to ensnare birds. He dozed off and suddenly he heard a voice: “Alexis! Why do you toil in vain? You are to be a catcher of people.” Eleutherius accepted monasticism at Moscow's Epiphany Monastery named Alexis. Metropolitan Theognostus, who had taken notice of the virtuous life and spiritual gifts of St Alexis, bade the future saint to leave the monastery and manage the ecclesiastical courts. The saint fulfilled this office for twelve years. Metropolitan Theognostus had Alexis consecrated as Bishop of Vladimir. After the death of the metropolitan, he became his successor. Metropolitan Alexis ruled the church in dangerous time to the Russian state, when the power of princes that ruled in Moscow started to be weakened. In this time young Demetrius (the future saint), still a minor, was taken under the saint’s guardianship and Saint Alexis helped him a lot, especially in pacifying the feudal princes, tried his best to bring the dignity of Great Demetrius. Taking care of the church and the good of the fatherland, Metropolitan three times traveled to the Horde. Once he was called by Khan for the healing of his wife Tayduly. Blinded Taydula, thanks to the prayers of the saint, seen the light. This Saint Alexis delivered Russian princes from enhanced tribute to the Horde. Before his death (1378) he had the consolation of seeing the throne enhanced security for Moscow and Russia on the path to liberation from centuries of Tatar yoke. The relics of the saint buried in the Miracle Monastery of the Moscow Kremlin, founded by Alex on the spot, given to him by the grateful queen Tayduloyu.

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