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Silver spoons

We say about a successful person: "He was born in a shirt!", And in Great Britain: "He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth."  The custom of giving silver spoons has existed in our homeland for a very long time.  Today it is customary to present such a gift on the day of Holy Baptism, many observe this custom, but not everyone knows why this is done, and why does the baby need cutlery?


Why such a gift?

In addition to the obligatory gifts for Epiphany, such as a kryzhma, a cross, a baptismal shirt and other accessories, it is customary to give a silver spoon.
It is difficult to say exactly when this custom appeared, but we can say with confidence that it gained popularity in the gray hair of the 18th century.  Then only rich people could afford silver, and such a gift has always been a real seed value.
The silver spoon is a very good and practical gift; it is given to the child not only by the godparents, but also by other relatives.  In addition to external beauty, this accessory has practical value.  Since this is the baby's first cutlery, this item is perfect for feeding a baby.  And at an older age, it can be used as a teaspoon.

Special metal

A spoon made of real silver is also useful because this metal has a lot of useful properties.  Silver is a disinfecting material that is not tolerated by viruses, fungi, bacteria.
When the time comes for the first feeding, especially if the first teeth erupt at this time, then a spoon with antibacterial metal will become irreplaceable.  And they even often give such a spoon for the "first tooth".
  The main thing is that silver ions, getting into the child's body with food, has a very positive effect on metabolic processes.
In our Axios store you can buy a silver christening spoon only made of genuine 925 sterling silver, as evidenced by the imprint on the object.  This quality ensures that the beneficial properties of the metal are preserved in the product.

How to choose?

When buying, first of all, you need to pay attention to the size, if a gift is being prepared for a child, then you need to buy small options, coffee size.  Such a product should be well suited for the first feeding, fits in the baby's mouth, and fits comfortably in the hand.
You also need to watch that the object is smooth, with smooth surfaces and without any chipping, such a gift should be safe.
It is not advisable to choose items plated with gold, silver is not “friendly” with this metal, and interacts poorly.  Gold often blocks the beneficial properties of silver; as a decorative gift, gilding will not be superfluous, but if the spoon is used for its intended purpose, it will be better held.
When choosing, you need to take into account the design of the object, usually baptismal spoons have the following decorative elements:
  • sputtering
  • ornament
  • baby's initials
  • gilding
  • the image of the cross or saints
  • and other color inserts

Other purposes

Silver spoons are bought not only for christenings, but also for other purposes.
Such a spoon will be an excellent gift for a bishop or priest, since it is very convenient to pour incense into a censer with such a product.
You can also just buy for a loved one, and replenish his tea set.

Why us?

Our online store Axios offers a wide selection of silver baptism spoons.  You can buy a variety of products from us, with inscriptions, blackening and ornaments, images of crosses, icons and figurines of angels and saints.
The design of each product is so attractive that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.  We guarantee a high level of service, an individual approach to each client.  Our products boast high wear resistance and superior quality.
Silver spoon «Cross», silver 925, with blackening, 100 mm, О 24014 - фото
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Silver spoon «Dove», silver 925, with a wax, 110 mm, 24030 - фото
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