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Ancient icons in the Kyivan churches

Ancient icons have always consisted the particular value in the decoration of each Orthodox church. In addition to material significance, they carried a special spiritual connection between the generations of worshipers. It is not for nothing that among the Orthodox people there is the expression “a  worshipped icon”, applicable to old images. Despite the years of atheistic persecution of the Church, when a huge number of icons were destroyed or given to museums, some ancient icons have survived to our time.


Icon of the Virgin Mary from Bar


The icon is located in the Holy Cross Church of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra near the right choir and is open to worship. The image was painted in the XIX century and was found in 1970 by the Kyiv priest Timofey Shaidurov in the attic of an old house. Then the image was not visible, and the priest initially took the image of a sackcloth. He took the canvas to the old nun Anania, who lived in Kyiv. At first, the nun and her novice thought to let the darkened icon into the river, but various circumstances prevented them from doing so. Anania ordered to stretch the canvas on the frame and around 1972, the image began to show up little by little until it appeared completely. Seeing a clear miracle, the nun kept the icon for a long time in her house, and in 1992, she transferred it to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.













Icon of the Mother of God "Look onto the humility"


The miraculous image of the Virgin Mary "Look onto the humility" is located in the Kyiv Vvedensky Monastery and is widely known since 1993 for its wonderful imprint on glass. The image was painted in the XIX century and after the revolution was kept in the family of one of the Kyiv priests, who later with the beginning of the Second World War gave it to nun Theodore, who lived secretly in the world. The icon remained in the monk’s cell until 1992, when it was transferred to Vvedensky Monastery. After a miracle with a print on the glass, crowds of people resort to the image. The icon and the imprinted image are open for worship daily in the central church of the Holy Vvedensky monastery.

















Icon "Savior of the Forthcoming"


The unique image of the “Savior of the Forthcoming” is located in the Holy Pokrovsky Goloseevsky monastery of the capital, better known as the Goloseevsky desert. The icon was painted in the XIX century and, most likely, belonged to a rich family, since the image next to Christ the Savior contains images of the Mother of God, the Archangel Michael and St. George the Victorious. The darkened by time icon, on which nothing could be distinguished, was transferred to the newly opened monastery in 1999. An absolutely black image hung in the far corner of the temple. Then the monks began to notice that the icon was gradually enlightened. Now the faces are clearly visible on it, and therefore the image was transferred and now hangs in the left side-altar of the church in honor of the icon "Life-Giving Source."












Icons of the Nativity of Christ and the Baptism of the Lord


Two ancient icons of the main winter holidays - the Nativity of Christ and the Baptism of the Lord are in the collection of the Museum of the Memory of the Blessed Metropolitan of Kyiv Volodymyr, which is located in the bell tower of the Cathedral of Transfiguration in Kiev. Both images are written by folk icon-painters and in their stylistics, they are similar to the paintings of the churches of Galicia. In the Soviet years, both icons were given to Metropolitan Volodymyr, who in the 1960s – 70s was a bishop in Chernigiv. The icons are exhibited for worship in the Transfiguration Cathedral on the eve of the holidays of Christmas and Epiphany, respectively.
















Icon of St. Nicholas


The icon of St. Nicholas, written in the 19th century, is also kept in the collection of the museum of memory of the Most Blessed Metropolitan of Kyiv Volodymyr already mentioned above. The image was in the church of Markovtsy village, the homeland of bishop. When the church was to be closed in Soviet times, the believers dismantled many of the icons at home. Therefore, the icon of the saint fell into the family of Metropolitan Volodymyr, who loved Saint Nicholas very much and prayed to him daily. The image accompanied His Beatitude through life wherever he would have to serve, and from 1992 to 2014 the icon was hung in the office of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


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