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Castomized Handpainted Icons

The icon, written by hand, is made with a thought and a prayer about the person to whom it is meant to bring God's blessing and peace into his life along with it.


Such an icon can become that family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.

How are our icons painted?

In the writing of the icon, every detail, every step, is important.



1. Selection and preparation of the board.

In our icon painting workshop the icon is written on a specially made lime board with oak keys.

The key is the oak insertion on the back side. Used to ensure that the board does not lose its shape, because it is not the solid board that is used for the icon, but it is glued together from several parts.


The dowels can be embedded both inside the board and outside.





2. Lefkas.

On the front side of the board are glued pavoloku - a cloth made from natural flax, which will help preserve the integrity of the soil.

Then, several layers of special soil are applied, which in the iconography is called gesso.

The back side of the board can be covered with wax, varnish, stain or, if desired, cladding velvet.



3. The sketch.

When the board is ready, a contour drawing of the future icon is made.
















4. Gilding.


Gilding is one of the most complex processes. Correctly executed gilding gives a correct perception of the icon. Several layers of alkaline varnish are applied to the gilding places, then a mixtillum, which must be kept for 3-12 hours.

Our icon painting workshop works with natural leaf gold leaf (produced in Ukraine, Germany, Italy).
A leaf of gold leaf is thinner than a human hair. Less commonly used imitation (potal), at the request of the client.
Completes the work of covering the icon with a protective layer of varnish on the front side.
There are several options for gilding:

gilding of a halo gilding of fields gilding background and gilding fields with hand carving

5. The letter.
The icon can be executed in several styles of writing:

Painting Old Russian style Byzantium

6. Registration of icons, packing.

You can order an icon in a cage, or in a gift box, as in the photos below.
On the box we can make any inscription: name, date, or phrase


Estimated cost

the size price, uah letter Price, UAH gold halo price hry gold background price uah gold carving price, uah letter, with the ark Price, UAH gold halo with the ark price hry gold background with the ark price uah gold carving with the ark
10х15 3000 4050 5250 6000 3750 4650 5550 6750
16х20 4500 5550 7500 8800 5250 6150 7800 8550
20х24 6400 7050 9000 10500 6750 7800 9600 10800
24х28 7200 8550 11250 12000 7800 8550 11100 11850
20х30 7800 10500 11250 12000 8250 9000 11550 12300
dimensional 9000 10200 14250 15000 9750 10800 14850 15750


Order icons - a very demanding, important and interesting process.

If you want, you can take part in every stage: image selection, letter style writing, gold design, pattern selection for gold carving, packing, lettering, etc. or trust our masters, who, with their many years of experience, trust this for sure.

We have also presented ready-made icons in our shop in Kiev , which took part in international exhibitions and other very beautiful icons.

Come and visit us! We will be very happy!



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