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Archangel Michael - Chief of the Holy Angels of God, which is also called the Archangel, which translates as Commander in Chief. It is the highest of the Archangels and the first Bozhih servants. According to the interpretation of the Fathers, it is this position previously belonged to Lucifer (meaning light-bearing), but that is proud, betrayed the Lord, I became Satan (meaning enemy) and seduced of the angels who fell with the devil and became demons.

We offer wide range of amazingly beautiful canonical icons, created by masters using natural amber. Sun stone adds special warmth and light glowing to the image. Every icon has a unique, unrepeatable picture made of natural rocks and amber crumb. For every icon you can choose a fillet to your taste from those presented in the description. We work with proven materials only and guarantee the high quality of our products.

In case you haven’t found the desired amber icon, you can order individual, exclusive or unique named icon, based on the picture you submit.

You can additionally order an icon under glass for +250 UAH, or on canvas for +180 UAH to the cost of the icon itself.

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