AxiosIconsAmber Icon Lord Almighty 60x80 cm
  • Amber Icon Lord Almighty 60x80 cm

Amber Icon Lord Almighty 60x80 cm

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The manufacturing time of this icon is 2 days.

The icon of the Savior occupies the central place among all the icons. It is she who is placed in the head of the iconostasis in the temple, and it rises in the most prominent place in the house of every Orthodox Christian. It depicts Christ in his earthly appearance, reminding us that He also passed the earthly path, fighting all evil and not despair. The Lord blesses this icon with one hand, and the other holds the Gospel as a symbol of the greatest Divine wisdom. This symbolizes that the path of every Christian to the Kingdom of Heaven lies through the comprehension of the Word of God, which is hidden in the Holy Gospel.

We offer a wide selection of amazingly beautiful canonical icons, which are made by craftsmen using natural amber. Amber gives the image a special warmth and light glow. Each of the icons has a unique, unique pattern from natural stones and amber crumbs. For each icon you can choose for your taste a baguette option from those that are presented in the description. We work only with proven materials and guarantee high quality products.

If you did not find that amber icon that you would like to have, you can order an individual, exclusive, or unique personalized icon, according to the image that you will provide to us.

You can additionally order the performance of this icon under the glass for +300 UAH, or on the canvas without glass for +325 UAH to the cost of the icon.

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