• Seven Arrows Mother of God icon

Seven Arrows Mother of God icon

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The “Seven Arrows” Icon of the Mother of God depicts the Virgin’s heart pierced by seven arrows. For a long time the icon was located at the belltower stairway entrance of a church in honor of the Apostle John the Theologian (near Vologda). Since it was face downwards, they mistook the icon for an ordinary board and walked on it. Then a cripple in the city of Kadnikova had a vision that he would receive healing after praying before this icon. They served a Molieben before the newly-discovered icon, after which the sick one became well. Depicted on Saint Virgin seven arrows that pierce the heart of Mary, indicate sorrow and grief that come upon her when her Son was crucified. Great combination of enamel, silver and gold give the icon unearthly appearance. It will be the perfect gift for loved ones.Manufacturer: Ukraine.

Exact size: 29x 26cm.
Material: silvering,wooden frame, enamel

The color and pattern of the internal or external baguette icons may vary slightly.

The icon corresponds to the Orthodox canons.

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