• Painted icon Saint Tamara, 10x15cm

Painted icon Saint Tamara, 10x15cm

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Queen Tamara, also called Tamara the Great, was ordained to the saints for her godly deeds during her lifetime. In her youth, Tamara ascended the throne of Georgia and, despite her age, ruled wisely and bravely. Immediately after the coronation, Queen Tamara convened a council and put things in order in the church ranks, removed the rulers who were abusing their position. During her reign, she contributed to the strengthening and spread of Christianity in Georgia, built churches and monasteries. A significant number of cultural monuments and magnificent cathedrals were built at her initiative. The wise reign of Queen Tamara is remembered as the golden age of Georgian history.
Materials: linden, gesso, oil paint
Exact size: 10x15 cm
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