• Painted icon Saint Natalia, 10x15cm

Painted icon Saint Natalia, 10x15cm

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The Holy Martyr Natalia is known for her unshakable faith in Christ. She was the wife of the pagan Adrian and during the persecution of Christians she secretly helped the believers. By order The Roman emperor Maximian, Natalia's husband Adrian conducted interrogations of Christians, he saw their torment and was more and more amazed at their unshakable faith. Then he began to ask Christians about their faith and God, and in the end, under the influence of his impression, he felt the divine truth and believed in Christ. When the emperor found out about this, he threw Adrian to prison and then executed with other believers.
After the death of her husband, Natalya remained a rich widow and the emperor ordered her to remarry her to the famous military leader. But Natalia could not betray her husband and ran away from a difficult fate, until she found the secretly removed remains of Adrian. At her husband's grave, she met her death and was reunited with her beloved man in eternity.
Materials: linden, gesso, oil paint
Exact size: 10x15cm
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