• Measured Icon of St.Platon

Measured Icon of St.Platon

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Measuring, growth icon - a special icon painted (cut) on the board, the amount of which corresponds to the growth of the baby at the time of his birth. Depicted on it in the full-length patron saint after whom the child is called. This icon is a personal, unique and unrepeatable for the child and, with this in mind, it is the best gift on the day of Epiphany.

The Holy Martyr Platon was born in the city of Ancyra in Galatia in a pious family. As a youth he left the house and walked the city, enthusiastically preaching the Word of God to the Gentiles, surprising listeners persuasiveness and beauty of his speeches, a profound knowledge of Greek learning. During his sermon, he was arrested and brought to the temple of Zeus on the court to the ruler of Agrippina. After much persuasion and threats saint began to torture and torment. But the Lord has strengthened the ascetic. The torturers were unable to get him to renounce Christ. After many tortures he was beheaded. An example of this wonderful saint strengthened many centuries countless devotees of Christ. And until now the holy martyr Platon ask for intercession before the trials and problems of life.

Lead time 2-4 weeks.

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