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Icon of Saint Matrona

To be saint is to be in constant synergy with God. Saints do not choose or appoint themselves. On the one hand, they are God's chosen ones, and on the other, they are ordinary believers who have given their consent in response to the call of Christ. At the center of this call and feat of holiness is a simple truth - love for God and for one's neighbor.

Few in the Orthodox world have not heard of Saint Matrona. It seems that God has deprived her of everything that is inherent in an ordinary healthy person. But as it turned out, thousands of people were looking for her in the hope of a miracle, and tens of thousands today go to her shrine or turn to her image in the hope of God's grace. The power of her holiness is clearly visible in her life.


Even before birth, Matrona's life in the womb was a divine miracle. The girl's parents, already elderly people by that time, wanted to give the child that would be born to the orphanage of Prince Golitsin. But shortly before the birth of the mother, I had a prophetic dream: a beautiful white bird of unearthly beauty flew in and sat on her chest. In the dream, the bird was blind, like a newborn girl. Soon, the mother realized that this dream was from God and decided to leave the girl despite all the everyday difficulties. Even in childhood, it was discovered that Matronushka, who was blind from birth, was gifted with a different, “spiritual vision,” associated with God's gift of foresight, prophecy and healing.

Already at the age of eight, Matrona became deeply attached to the church: she had a deep, sincere faith, went to church every day and prayed a lot. It is during this period of her life that her spiritual gifts begin to manifest. In those days, the Internet was not needed in the villages, people learned everything in the shortest possible time, and people from different villages reached out to Matronushka's house to ask for advice and help. This is how the girl, in her early childhood, turned from a burden to the breadwinner of the family.

Then a series of misfortunes followed with Matrona. At the age of 17, the girl lost her legs and for the rest of her life she was “sedentary”. Upon the arrival of the communists, Matrona decided to leave home so as not to draw the attention of the anti-Christian regime to the parental home, which had already become a local center of pilgrimage for believers. However, the siblings who moved to Moscow did not accept their sister - the saint could harm their career in the party. Persecutions of the blind and "sedentary" girl began by the Soviet regime. Most people would have broken under the pressure of such a series of hardships and misfortunes, but Matrona did not lose heart, she was constantly in prayer and God's love.

In those days, Moscow was full of people who were lost, unhappy, and hopelessly ill. Having heard about the blessed power of Matrona, they flocked to her despite all the persecutions by the authorities. In her boundless love, she saved the souls of those who wanted to arrest. Matrona's routine life was simple and monotonous - from morning till night she received people, and at night she prayed. Being in heavy suffering, she seemed to know neither fatigue nor irritation. As the Monk Cassian the Roman said: "The height of holiness and perfection is not in the performance of miracles, but in the purity of love." This statement well expresses the main feat of Matronushka - it is easy to love when you are happy and healthy, but what strength is it worth to love and just endure your neighbor when you are sick and your life is full of suffering.

The icon of St. Matrona of Moscow was painted 47 years later after she departed to the Kingdom of Heaven, in 1999.

What to pray for?

It is important to remember that icons are not a magical object that, even with complete indifference to it, will protect a person or sanctify the space around. Prayer and faith are needed through which God and the saints will help transform a person's life. The history of the Blessed One only once again reminded and confirmed - constant stay in prayer and in divine love will help overcome any grief and will bestow life with many miracles.

Blessed Matrona can help all who turn in love and faith to God through her image. The saint usually pray in difficult and insoluble everyday situations, everyday troubles, in serious illness and mental suffering, as well as people in persecution. Remembering the life experience of the Blessed One, it is worth asking her for God's love, as well as for humility and strength before all the trials of life.

Where can you buy a list (copy) of the icon?

The image of the Matrona can be found very often both in the decoration of churches and among the dwellings of the laity.
In our online store of Orthodox goods "Axios" you can buy an icon of the Matrona of Moscow in Ukraine. This look will undoubtedly become more than just a decoration for your prayer corner, home decoration or office.

Amber Icon of St. Matrona Moscow 20x30 cm - фото
20x30 cm
Article: ПД005355
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Icon of St. Matrona Moscow 16x19 cm (arch) Greece - фото
16x19 cm
Article: ПД005075
Price: 59
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Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow Triptych triple - фото
17h23 cm
Article: ПД001194
Price: 39
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Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow 30x40 cm - фото
30x40 cm
Article: ПД001079
Price: 49
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Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow 21x29 cm - фото
21х29 cm
Article: ПД001078
Price: 29
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Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow 17h23 cm - фото
17х23 cm
Article: ПД001077
Price: 19
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Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow 13x17 cm - фото
13x17 cm
Article: ПД000900
Price: 19
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Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow 7x9 cm - фото
7x9 cm
Article: ПД000834
Price: 9
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The central icon of St.Matrona of Moscow - фото
Article: ПД000736
Price: 79
Drain Matron Moscow - фото
Article: ПД000730
Price: 149
Icon Antique Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow 17h23 see Arch - фото
17h23 cm
Article: ПД000714
Price: 19
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The Amber Icon of St. Matrona Moscow 80x120 cm - фото
80x120 cm
Article: ПД006804
Price: 349
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The Amber Icon of the Holy Matrona Moscow 60x80 cm - фото
60x80 cm
Article: ПД006593
Price: 179
In stock
The Amber Icon of St. Matrona Moscow 40x60 cm - фото
40x60 cm
Article: ПД006382
Price: 99
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The Amber Icon of the Holy Matrona Moscow 30x40 cm - фото
30x40 cm
Article: ПД006171
Price: 59
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