AxiosIconsVolyn Virgin Hodegetria (XIII century)
  • Volyn Virgin Hodegetria (XIII century)

Volyn Virgin Hodegetria (XIII century)

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Volyn Virgin Hodegetria (XIII century)

A copy of the old miraculous icon of "Virgin Volyn Odigriya" (XIII century).
The history of each of the miraculous icon talks about hundreds and thousands of saved people who sincerely believe and pray likam saints. But it is not only famous miraculous icons can work wonders. Almost every Christian family may tell a special story about how their family icon saved, healed and helped. Such stories make a living faith, a true icon of the means to communicate with God.

Manufacturing technology:

In the manufacture of icons technique of ancient monasteries is used. On a wooden base, prepared with gesso, (primer based on chalk and animal glue with the addition of linseed oil) a stencil-old icon of reproduction of the original is applied by a special method.Then iconographer draws divine image with the natural colors, which is an exact replica of the original. Upon final completion of the "figure" , the icon is worked up with a special technique throught wich the icon appears with natural cracks as original vintage icons of the Middle Ages.

Exact size: 34x46cm

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