• Icon of Vladimir. Rectangular, Silkscreen, Silver, Gold Decor

Icon of Vladimir. Rectangular, Silkscreen, Silver, Gold Decor

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Pleas in front of this icon are able to protect people from adversity, they seek help in a variety of situations. In a person's life there are very difficult periods and then they resort to prayers. Every believer who sincerely asks for help from the higher powers gets it. The Virgin of Our Lady is a defender and protects the houses from adversity, helps in different everyday situations.

Every Orthodox person, simply must have this image at home. About the meaning and wonderworking of the icon, many different stories have been written, miracles have happened hundreds of years ago, just as they do in the present time.
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Miraculous Icon
Throughout the time, miracles have occurred associated with the Vladimir Icon.
  • Three times the people's pleas for the salvation of their own land were heard. Strangers left our land for various reasons.
  • When the icon was in Vyshgorod, it was noticed the movement of the icon. Three times the image appeared in different parts of the monastery.
  • The water that washed the shrine had medicinal properties, parishioners were repeatedly healed of various bodily ailments.
  • The wife of one of the priests waited for the child, she often prayed before the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God and once by a miracle her life was saved from the mad horse.
  • The nun was healed of blindness. The girl simply drank water from the holy face and said a prayer.
  • Once, in the city of Vladimir for twelve people, the Golden Gate collapsed, all these people suddenly found themselves under rubble. One of them read a prayer before the image of the Mother of God, then all these people managed to save. None of them was seriously injured.
  • The baby was bathed in holy water, and he escaped from evil spells.
  • The woman had suffered from a serious heart disease for many years, she gave all her gold ornaments to the priest and sent a priest with them to the temple where the icon was. He brought the woman holy water, she drank it and prayed, and after a while the woman was completely healthy.

This is still far from a complete list of miracles that are associated with the Vladimir icon. And miracles happened not only related to the original icons, but also with numerous copies of it.

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