• Icon of the Last Supper

Icon of the Last Supper

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It was during the Last Supper was first commanded by the Lord to perform the sacrament of Communion. After collecting all the close disciples, Christ commanded to love one another and to observe all that He had taught them. This was before he was seized and delivered up to death. Meekness and humility, which is shown when the Lord washed the feet of his apostles, and to this day excite the soul of the Christian believer, cast down the proud and evil. Icon of the Last Supper reminds us that the Lord has commanded us. It will be a wonderful gift for the loved one.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.
Exact size: 61x 47cm.
Extras: under glass.
Material: copper, silver, gold, Spanish baguette

The color and pattern of the internal or external baguette icons may vary slightly.

The icon corresponds to the Orthodox canons.

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