• Icon of St. Ilya Muromets

Icon of St. Ilya Muromets

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Ilya was born about 1143 in the village of Karacharovo at Murom in the Vladimir region in a peasant family of Ivan Timofeev son and his wife Euphrosyne, Jacob's daughter, christened it in honor of the prophet Elijah. In childhood and adolescence suffered from paralysis, but did not complain at fate, not complaining, just prayed with humility. And Elijah lamented only that if I were healthy, "would not give native Rus offense enemies and bandits." So the Lord heard his prayer net. Once entered into the house of strangers and imperiously told Elijah: "Go and bring us a drink!". Ilya, docile, meek, and spent all his time in prayer, I could not disobey the elders and hurt them. Sincerely wishing to execute their will, he rose to his feet and thus healed. Upon recovering and getting parental blessing, Ilya Muromets went to serve Prince Vladimir Monomakh, to defend the Christian faith. All legends indicate the true Christian humility and meekness Ilya Muromets (he never praised himself!), Majestic tranquility and peace of mind. He died a holy warrior around 1188, about a 45-year life.Described in many epics and tales hero Ilya Murom was a valiant warrior and a defender of the Christian faith. In many of the battles he was, carrying the holy faith. At the end of his career, the hero took his monastic vows in the Kiev-Pechersk monastery. The incorrupt relics of the saint to this day buried in the monastery caves. Icon Ilya Muromets will be a wonderful gift to a man or a boy for any festive celebration.

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