• Icon of Alexander Nevsky

Icon of Alexander Nevsky

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Author: Shmalenko Taras.
XVII century was hard for Rus. Our people had to stand in the difficult struggle with foreigners. It was the time of sorrow and humility, but in addition to bitter defeats this tragic period in our history has brought Russia glorious victory as well. And, above all, they have been associated with the name of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky. According to contemporaries, his strength he was like the Old Testament hero Samson, the beauty - of Joseph, wisdom - King Solomon, and meekness and piety - righteous King David. Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky - famous military leader and a wise ruler, who gave his entire life to the cause of the Russian land. Prayerfully defeated in battle the superior forces of Teutonic and Swedish, patience and skilful politics Novgorod saved from ruin by Tatar hordes. During a trip to the Horde to Batu firmly refused to worship the pagan idols. For courage and steadfast confession of Orthodoxy he earned the respect of Khan and was released to the world and honors. Before his death he took monastic vows and the monastic name of Alexis. Manifesting personal life example of Christian piety and purity, St. Alexander Nevsky was loved and revered by the Russian people as a great patron of the Russian Land. Holy Prince Alexander pray for deliverance of the Fatherland from foreign invasion, the good disposition of the authorities and the rulers, about success in military practice, a solid standing in the faith. And now Prince Alexander Yaroslavich keeps God handed him a destiny - our homeland. He is glorifying the holy Own, honor and glory for ever and age.

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