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Icon of the Holy Martyr Anatoly of Nicea

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Holy Martyr Anatoly Nicea - is one of three Christian martyrs, who lived during the reign of the emperors Diocletian and Maximilian, known for their terrible persecution of Christians. St. Anatoly Nicaea had two brothers, who later along with it suffered for the Christian faith. Initially, the parents of St. Anatolia were pagans. They even sent his son to study Philotheus paganism in the academy, but they later converted to Christianity and revered holy Christian faith until the end of earthly life. Father St. Anatoly was a wealthy merchant. One day he took a trip to Anatolia in Galatia, where father and son bought the goods and send back. On the way they met with Saint Lucian, who by their example and Christian preaching was able to convert them to Christianity, after which Anatoly and Filofei baptized into first got in the way of the river. Back home, father spotted hiding Bishop of Nicomedia, who baptized the entire family. After the accomplishment of the Divine Liturgy, Bishop communion of all members of the family and dedicated the eldest son of a deacon. One day, a servant of the court dignitary came to his brothers to shop, they saw on the walls of crosses and icons, as well as heard Eustace, who was reading the Psalms of David. Saying nothing, he returned to the owner, who immediately informed of the Christians to the Emperor Maximian. The emperor sent guards to the saints, who grabbed the brothers, and led to the imperial court. For a long time tormented holy Maximian, claiming to renounce the Christian faith. But the emperor was unable to win over the Saints in unrighteousness faith, after which he ordered to kill the brothers.

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