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Icon of the Holy Prince Roman

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Holy Prince Roman, , was born in October 1, 1235. He was the youngest son of Prince Vladimir of Uglich Konstantinovich and Princess Photina. Since childhood, Prince Roman distinguished by love of prayer, obedience to parents and diligence in reading sacred books. It was a consolation to his father, mother, brother and the whole family. Holy Roman was two years old when Batu Khan and his hordes moved to Russia. Father, having learned about Tatars approaching Uglich, took the holy Roman with his older brother Andrei in Novgorod. Here, the brothers stayed three years, then returned to his native Uglich, when Tatars left the Russian land.
Vladimir Konstantinovich was the ruling prince of Uglich ravaged by Tatars. He died December 27, 1249 and was buried in the main church in Uglich, Church of the Transfiguration. The reign of Uglich passed into the hands of his eldest son, sixteen Andrei Vladimirovich. He resurrected from the ruins of Uglich. After the death of his elder brother, in 1261, the Holy Roman, who was then under 26 years took over the administration of the principality.
During the years of his reign, the principality has grown and strengthened. He cared holy prince and the monasteries and temples of God. During the 24 years of his reign, he built and adorned with rich deposits of at least 15 churches. In 1265, the prince married. Nothing is known about the spouse of the holy prince, preserved only its name - Alexandra. Not having children prince was the true father of his subjects with paternal love taking care of them, trying not so much about the multiplication of the prince's treasury, but much for the welfare of God entrusted to him the principality.
Anticipating death, the holy prince called boyars and the clergy to his bedside and commanded them to live in peace, love and harmony, like brothers. Blessed end it was followed by 3 February 1285. The body of the holy Roman prince was buried in the cathedral church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, near the tomb of his father, mother, brother and wife. His holy relics were found incorrupt 200 years later, in 1485, when Prince Andrew Vasilyevich Uglich has started construction of a new, already stone Transfiguration Cathedral. The relics were placed in the newly built temple. From the holy relics expired numerous miraculous healings.

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