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Icon of St.Apostle Paul

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Paul the Apostle originally known as Saul . He was born in Tarsus, located in Asia Minor. Paul was a native of this city, and came out of slavery, he had all the rights of a Roman citizen. It was in Tarsus he familiarized himself with the pagan culture because in his words discernible knowledge of pagan writers. Further education Saul was in Jerusalem at the Academy of the teacher Gamaliel, who was considered an excellent connoisseur of Greek Law and loving wisdom, although it belonged to the party of the Pharisees. , while Paul was traveling on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus on a mission to "bring them which were there bound unto Jerusalem", the resurrected Jesus appeared to him in a great light. He was struck blind, but after three days his sight was restored by Ananias of Damascus, and Paul began to preach that Jesus of Nazareth is the Jewish Messiah and the Son of God. In Cyprus, Saul drew proconsul Sergius Paulus in the Christian and then he became known as Paul and his second missionary journey, Paul began with Asia Minor, then visited Macedonia, which were based in the community of Thessalonica, Philippi and Berea. He then moved to Greece. Further his path lay back to Jerusalem, and thence to Antioch. After spending a short time in Antioch, Paul undertook his third missionary journey. Asia Minor visited the church, and then went to Ephesus. Here for two years he taught in the school of Tyrannus In Jerusalem, the apostle Paul was taken into custody the Roman authorities. Two years later, the apostle Paul was sent to Rome to the court of Caesar, as a Roman citizen. In Malta, the island was shipwrecked, and in the summer of 62, Paul got to Rome. There he enjoyed the gentleness of the Roman authorities. He could preach freely. According to one tradition, the apostle Paul was captured and put to torture for what he called the Christian faith favorite concubine of Emperor Neuron.

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