• Icon of Saint Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernigov

Icon of Saint Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernigov

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St. Theodosius of Chernigov was born in the thirties of the XVII century. From a young age was gentle and chaste young men. Abandoning worldly life, he was tonsured at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Since that time, the ascetic began to carry the Word of God to all people, setting an example for their own procession for Christ the God-fearing. He was later appointed Archimandrite Eletski monastery in Chernigov. All subsequent life Theodosius spent in work and prayer. He was a true shepherd, who believes the soul for his sheep. Love and kindness to elders honored himself his whole flock. Having lived a worthy life of a Christian, St. Theodosius peacefully went to the Lord, which remains to this day and praying for all of us.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.
Exact size: 29x 26cm.
Extras: under glass.
Material: copper, silver, gold,spanish baguette.

The color and pattern of the internal or external baguette icons may vary slightly.

The icon corresponds to the Orthodox canons.

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