• Icon-fragment <<Theotokos of Vladimir("Vyshgorodsky (Vladimir) Virgin")>>

Icon-fragment <<Theotokos of Vladimir("Vyshgorodsky (Vladimir) Virgin")>>

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Icon-fragment <<Theotokos of Vladimir("Vyshgorodsky (Vladimir) Virgin")>>

It is one of the most venerated in the Christian world icons of the Virgin Mary. The Orthodox Church honors the Vladimir Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the countless miracles that the Mother of God had created through this marvelous image. The prayers are addressed to the Queen of Heaven before this icon, Orthodox asks for her protection against enemy attacks and tribulations that have place in our life.

Manufacturing technology:

Manufacturing technology is adopted from the frescoes masters of Italian souvenirs «AFFRESCO VENEZIANO».Manual processing of the edges has the effect of a freshly pulled piece from an antique frescoes centuries old.It creates a wonderful feeling of excavated fragments of ancient frescos of more than a hundred years ago. Miniature "fresco" will be a wonderful gift for relatives and friends, creating a charming atmosphere of antiquity.

Measurements:10x15 cm.

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