•  Icon of the Baptism of the Holy Prince Vladimir

Icon of the Baptism of the Holy Prince Vladimir

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Hardly to find in our history more meaningful name than the name of the Holy Prince Vladimir of Kiev, the Baptist of Russia. Already ancient scribes called him Equal-to-the-Apostle.And about 989 Russian land adopted Christianity as official state religion, and this event Goals determined the whole course of our history. This prince gave himself the opportunity to find many souls of Christ and to dedicate his life to the Lord. This feat will forever remain in the memory of the Church.

The adoption of Christianity completely changed the prince Vladimir. There is no doubt that he sincerely and with all his soul accepted the new faith. Chronicle of Life and the prince's most noted his exceptional grace and nischelyubie. Hearing the words of Scripture: "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy" (. Matthew 5: 7), Vladimir began to do a lot of good deeds. He commanded every poor and needy to come to the prince's court and take whatever he needs - food, drink and money. Moreover, recognizing that the sick and the infirm can not reach his court, the prince ordered them to deliver food in the city. "And he commanded to equip the cart and putting them bread, meat, fish, vegetables, a variety of honey in barrels and other brew deliver the city, asking:" Where is sick or poor, who can not walk, "And so distribute all what they need, "says the chronicler. "And not in Kiev the same, but the whole Russian land - and in the cities and in the villages - alms worked everywhere, naked clothing, hungry saturating eager Napo, strangers bestowing mercy, churchmen honoring, and loving, and Mila, feeding required, the poor and the orphans, and the widows, and the blind, and the lame, and the sick - all Mila and clothing, and saturating and watered and so remained Prince Vladimir in good works ... "and this is the word Mnich James, author of" Remembrance and praise. Prince Vladimir ".

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