• Icon of St.John the Warrior

Icon of St.John the Warrior

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This holy man was a Roman soldier under Julian the Apostate. He helped Christians angered by the government and was thrown into prison, where he was tortured and tormented for a long time. But no suffering and torture could not break the spirit of a warrior and get him to renounce Christ. After the death of Emperor John was released, where he continued to do good deeds and to conduct a godly life. Having lived a long life, he went to the Lord, remained in the memory of many Christians as a holy life. Master gives a magnificent performance icon extraordinarily beautiful and at the same time a strict look. It is ideal for a gift or a military working in law enforcement man. It can also be present, and the young man that he had a fitting example of true courage and nobility.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.
Exact size: 25x 20,5cm.
Material: silvering, cooper, enamel

The color and pattern of the internal or external baguette icons may vary slightly.

The icon corresponds to the Orthodox canons

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