• <<The icon Christ Pantocrator on Holy Mount Athos>>

<<The icon Christ Pantocrator on Holy Mount Athos>>

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<<The icon Christ Pantocrator on Holy Mount Athos>>

Copy of the ancient icon of Christ Pantocrator on Holy Mount Athosa from Serbian Monastery of Chelandari (Mount Athos, Greece). Christ Pantocrator - the central image in the iconography of Christ, which is presented as a heavenly king and judge. Icon recreates the real historical person of Jesus of Nazareth. The mystery of his divinity is handed symbolically. Inscription in Greek letters on the nimbus of the Savior, "the One Who Is". Before this icon, Orthodox Christian pray the Lord, asking his protection and intercession in many difficult situations.The theological content of the icon tells us that of Lord is main power of the world, the source of eternal life and truth. It depicts God raising right hand in blessing, while the other steadies a Gospel that represents the greatest sybmol of divine wisdom.It symbolizes that the path of every Christian to the Kingdom of Heaven lies behind the comprehension of the Word of God, which is hidden in the Holy Gospel. Making a present of this icon to your relatives or friends, you will stay long in their memory and prayers.

Manufacturing technology:

In the manufacture of icons technique of ancient monasteries is used. On a wooden base, prepared with gesso, (primer based on chalk and animal glue with the addition of linseed oil) a stencil-old icon of reproduction of the original is applied by a special method.Then iconographer draws divine image with the natural colors, which is an exact replica of the original. Upon final completion of the "figure" , the icon is worked up with a special technique throught wich the icon appears with natural cracks as original vintage icons of the Middle Ages.

Measurements: 23x33 cm.

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