•  Icon of Christ Pantocrator

Icon of Christ Pantocrator

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Icon of Christ Pantocrator

It depicts Christ in his earthly guise, reminding us that he took earthly journey, struggling with all the evil and despair. Lord on this icon with one hand blessing and the other holding the Gospel as the greatest symbol of divine wisdom. It symbolizes the path of every Christian to the Kingdom of Heaven is through the comprehension of the Word of God, which is hidden in the Holy Gospel. This icon will be the best gift for a loved one. This icon will be a wonderful gift for a friend ,relatives, co-worker reminding everyone that all the time God is with us.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.
Exact size: 29x34cm.
Material: copper, silver, gold, enamel, natural wood prints.
Extras: under glass.
The color and pattern of the internal or external baguette icons may vary slightly.

The icon corresponds to the Orthodox canons.

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