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Mother of God of Kazan icon 27h23 cm

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Kazan Icon of the Mother of God - one of the most revered icons in Russia. It was uncovered in 1579 in Kazan, where she took the name. According to the testimony of the Patriarch Hermogenes, who at that time served as a priest in Kazan, after the great fire, which occurred in the city, the 9-year-old girl Matrona appeared in a dream-Pure, which is ordered to find her way in the ruins left after the fire. The icon was soon found in the place, which indicated the Mother of God. Since then, this day - July 8, 1579, is considered a holiday and is celebrated annually on the Orthodox Church. At the site where the convent, and the girl who was the Most Holy Virgin Mary became the first nun in it was found the icon was built.

Special intercessory role played by the image of the Kazan Mother of God in troubled times 1598-1613 biennium. alien intervention, when a long time hosted impostors and Polish invaders, as well as during the Great Patriotic War in Moscow and its environs 1941-45.

By the early 19th century image of the Virgin venerated Kazan on a par with the ancient lists of the Most Holy - Smolensk and Vladimir.

The image was cast in bronze and hand-painted with oil. Silver-grapes, as well as all the decorative elements, followed by blackening under-the old days. Pouring green enamel, semi-precious stones, filigree. Kiot made of precious wood.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.

Exact Size: 27 x 23 cm.

Material: precious wood, bronze, silver, enamel, semi-precious stones.

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