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Icons of the Mother of God "Tsaritsa"

The miraculous image of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Tsaritsa" (Pantanassa) became a symbol of victory over one of the most terrible diseases of our time - cancer. An ancient image capable of giving people new hope in the most desperate situations - this icon has acquired such fame in modern times. In order to better understand its miraculous power, one should be imbued with its history and symbolism.


According to Orthodox tradition, the icon of the "Tsaritsa" was painted in the 17th century on the holy Mount Athos, in the monastery of one of the most ancient Greek monasteries called Vatopedi. Even in those days, the monastic brethren began to notice her miraculous power and that prayer in front of her brings spiritual relief and physical healing to believers.

The first glorified miracle of the "Tsaritsa" was the case of the liberation of one young man from the occult powers of witchcraft. The elder monk Joseph the Hesychast told about this. From the story of the elder it is known that once a certain young man came to Vatopedi to worship an icon. But suddenly the face of the Most Holy Theotokos shone with a wonderful light, and divine power threw the person back several meters. In horror, the young youth, with tears in his eyes, confessed to the elders that he was a sorcerer and came to the monastery to test his magical power on icons.

The miracle at the icon "Tsaritsa" so amazed the young man that he renounced the forces of evil and directed his life on the path of piety and repentance. The monk who witnessed made the first copy of this miraculous icon. From that time on, the image of the "Tsaritsa" began to spread throughout the Orthodox world. And people from all over the world began to flock to the prototype on Athos to ask God for healing.


The iconographic type of the image of the Virgin “The Tsaritsa” refers to the image of “Panahranta” (“All-merciful”). The Mother of God is seated on the royal throne in a crimson robe, which also symbolizes her supreme regalia of the Kingdom of God. On her lap sits the Infant Jesus with a scroll in his hand, which signifies that the One who has come “will fulfill the Law”.

The right hand of the Virgin Mary holds the Son with three fingers, pointing to him as the Savior of people and the One who will overcome death and sin. And with his left hand he stretches out in a semicircle a gesture of prayer of petition to the Infant. With his right hand, Jesus responds to the prayer appeal of the Mother of God the Intercessor with a gesture of blessing. In the background, on the sides, two angels are depicted, covering the Blessed Virgin with their wings. One of the angels stretches out his hands in the iconographic prayer gesture “Oranta”, praying for the Mother of God and the Infant God. The second angel, crossing his arms, shows loyalty to the King of Christ.

What to pray for?

"The Tsaritsa" is one of the most famous "healing" icons. After centuries, the stories of miracles praying before her only grow, and the wondrousness of miracles only intensifies. In today's difficult times, the Mother of God Pantassa gives hope and hope in God for desperate people who are fighting death every minute. She shows intercession for people with cancer or those affected by radiation exposure, alleviates suffering for HIV patients.

In prayer to the Mother of God in front of the icon "The Tsaritsa", the following words were adopted: "Bless the mind and hands of those who heal us, that they serve as an instrument of the Almighty Physician Christ our Savior."

However, this image is not “charged” with grace exclusively in front of seriously ill patients. Its essence and power is manifested in healing, both physical and spiritual. As already mentioned, the first known miracle of the icon was the liberation and healing from the occult powers of witchcraft. Therefore, divine grace can descend on any godly petition in front of the icon.

Where can you buy a list (copy) of the icon?

The image of the Mother of God "The Tsaritsa" can be found very often both in the decoration of churches and among the dwellings of the laity.

In our online store of Orthodox goods "Axios" you can buy the icon of the Mother of God "The Tsaritsa" in Ukraine. This look will undoubtedly become more than just a decoration for your prayer corner, home decoration or office.

Amber icon of the Theotokos Vsetsaritsa 20x30 cm - фото
20x30 cm
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Icon antique Vsetsaritsa 30x40 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
30x40 cm
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Icon antique Vsetsaritsa 21x29 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
21х29 cm
Article: ПД000845
Price: 29
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Icon antique Vsetsaritsa 17h23 see the Blessed Virgin Mary - фото
17x23 cm
Article: ПД000854
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Icon antique Vsetsaritsa 13x17 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
13x17 cm
Article: ПД000890
Price: 19
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Icon antique Vsetsaritsa 7x9 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
7x9 cm
Article: ПД000825
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Icon of the Holy Theotokos antique Vsetsaritsa 17h23 see Arch - фото
17x23 cm
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Icon of the Holy Theotokos antique arch Vsetsaritsa 17h23 cm - фото
17x23 cm
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The Amber Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos 80x120 cm - фото
80x120 cm
Article: ПД006694
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The Amber Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos 60x80 cm - фото
60x80 cm
Article: ПД006483
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The Amber Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos 40x60 cm - фото
40x60 cm
Article: ПД006272
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The Amber Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos 30x40 cm - фото
30x40 cm
Article: ПД006061
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The Amber Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos 15x20 cm - фото
15x20 cm
Article: ПД005855
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Icon of the Mother of God "Queen of All" - фото
Article: ПД000982
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